These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

Confession: I hate my flabby arms. Even when I was bone-thin as a young girl, I had flabby arms. I remember this boy in my high school used to make fun of my flabby arms, poking them and calling me flabby. He didn't live long. ... I kid! But seriously, it bothered me then and still bothers me to this day. Which is why I love quarter-length sleeves. I own about a million tees with these kind of sleeves. I especially like the ones from Old Navy. I think they present a more elegant look than regular tees and they help you look slimmer, too. Which is a win-win in my book. Next week I plan on looking for a prospective gym to get myself and my flabby arms in shape. I dream of the day (in the hopefully not-too-distant future) I can wear sleeveless dresses and sleeveless shirts without feeling self-conscious about my arms. Until then, I'll keep rocking my quarter-length sleeves.
This Urban Decay Naked Palette, I kid you not, is my new favorite toy. It took me foreeeeeever to get it because it kept selling out everywhere. I started searching in early July, but to no avail. Then I signed up on Sephora's e-mail notification list and waited with bated breath to receive my e-mail notification. I finally got the email about two weeks later and snatched it up online that same day, receiving my palette less than a week later. Final verdict? It's completely worth the hype. It brings 12 awesome neutral shades, a double-sided eyeliner in brown and black, plus Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer, which I swear by. What I like about the eyeshadow shades is that you can mix and match them all in different combinations, something I can't always do with other palettes. Plus the eyeshadow literally glides on and is a breeze to blend. The palette is called Naked because you can create very natural looks with the shades, but you can also build them up for more dramatic nighttime looks. I highly recommend this versatile palette if you're looking to upgrade your makeup.
I wasn't always a beer drinker. In fact, I'm not much of a drinker at all -- I get "tipsy" after just a drink or two, I'm such a lightweight. For years, my favorite drink was amaretto sour. But then my boyfriend, who is a beer connoisseur (aka beer snob) started encouraging me to step outside of my comfort zone and try some beers. After trying a few different types, I discovered that my absolute favorite type of beer is Guinness Extra Stout. I will drink any type of Guinness, but I especially love the creaminess and depth of the extra stout. I also love how it tastes just a tiny bit like coffee, something I tend to favor in beer. In my beer adventures, I also discovered my absolute least favorite type -- India Pale Ale. Yuck! Of course, that just happens to be my boyfriend's absolute favorite type of beer at the moment. He insists that as I develop my palate, I will eventually come to appreciate pale ales. To which I say, pass me my Guinness, please.
I have what I like to call "cereal crushes." I usually buy a different cereal every time I go grocery shopping since I tend to get sick of food really fast, but for whatever reason, I will sometimes love a cereal for an extended amount of time. For the past two months, I have been all about Frosted Mini-Wheats. I lurve them. I will eat them with milk and without, and even out of the box -- though my mom scolds me for doing this. I like that they taste decadent, with all that delicious frosting, but still manage to be somewhat healthy at the same time. That way, I get my vitamins in and get to satisfy my sweet tooth. Another close runner-up for my favorite cereal of the moment is Special K -- the one with strawberries.
I was recently introduced to the iPhone game Words with Friends, which is basically like Scrabble, except you can play with anyone else who has the app on their iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You can find people via their user names, which I've had great fun doing this week, plus you can even start games with random people that the game finds for you. I have no idea what I did with myself before this game -- it has consumed me that much in the past few days. If you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad and would like to play Words with Friends with me, you can find me under my user name AnnieCristina.

What are your favorites this month?


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danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i love elbow length sleeves, especially on cardigans. here's a confessions, i've wanted paris hilton's arms for a long time. i've also wished i had skinny shoulders.

i'm not a big alcohol drinker as i can get drunk after one beer (like giggles, slurs words and has a hard time balancing drunk), but one my friend haley got me to drink in venice was pale ale with cider. mmm!

Nancy Face said...

I agree with you...I love LOVE three-quarter-length sleeves! They are so flattering! :)

Vanessa said...

I hate my flabby arms too. I looove me some 3/4 length shirts when fall comes around! So cute!

Ooooh Words with Friends. How I now waste ... I mean spend my time! I love playing with you!! <3

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

sad face...I have the flabby arms as well. I heart the 3/4 shirts!

Frosted Minis is #2 on my cereal list!