Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 {my thoughts}

So last Friday Ricky and I went to see "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1." I've been wanting to see this movie for seemingly forever. I was so, so scared I wouldn't be able to see it last week since I was still getting over the flu from hell, but thankfully, I was much better by Friday. So we went to our favorite local theater and saw it.

And.... it was amazing. I truly think it is the best movie in the series thus far. I say thus far because Part 2 is coming out in the summer, and I have a feeling that one might top this one.

But back to Part 1. For the sake of organizing my scatter-brained self, I am going to separate this quasi review into two parts: LIKE and DO NOT LIKE. Because I'm cool like that. (It goes without saying that you should stop reading this post now if you haven't seen the film. Because there will be spoilers and stuff.)

  • I liked the unexpected bits of humor throughout the film, like the scene early on when George catches Harry kissing Ginny in the kitchen. "Morning..." Priceless.
  • I really liked the addition of Hermione casting Obliviate on her parents. It's not something that was addressed with such detail in the novel, but it added a lot of depth to the film. And also tears, lots of tears!
  • I liked loved the scene where Dobby says, "Dobby never meant to kill. Dobby only meant to maim. Or seriously injure." Aw, Dobby... You annoyed the living hell out of me in the second film/book, but you have more than redeemed yourself. Rest in peace, my adorable little creature.
  • Speaking of creature, I thought Kreacher was better animated (along with Dobby) in this film. And whoever did his voice is amazing.
  • I really liked the scene where the Order of the Phoenix members disguise themselves as Harry. Especially Fleur saying in her uber French accent, "Don't look at me, Bill -- I'm hideous."
  • I thought Hedwig's death was better handled in this film, much more heroic. (Am I the only one who gets incredibly sad in this scene, especially in the book?!)
  • Snape in every scene in this film is pretty much perfect. Even though he says all of like five words in the movie, he is amazing. His face does all the talking. (Particularly in the scene early on when Voldemort is torturing one of his fellow teachers.)
  • Lucius Malfoy's downtrodden appearance in this film is grrrrreat. Whoever is in charge of costume gets a big thumbs up.
  • Luna, like Snape, is amazing in every scene. Love her.
  • Ron. is. awesome. Enough said.
  • The scene where the trio infiltrates the Ministry of Magic is so, so, so great. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Loved it.
  • I'm going to be a rebel and say I loved the awkward dance scene between Harry and Hermione. It fit their characters perfectly and was completely realistic.
  • The famous (infamous?) horcrux scene where Ron is tormented by horcrux-Voldemort was amazing. I thought the spiders and of course the image of Harry and Hermione passionately kissing was very well done. For all the nay-sayers, this was in the book! No, the book didn't describe them as being naked per se, but wouldn't Ron's tormented and jealous psyche make him picture them that way? Of course it would.
  • The animation scene featuring the three brothers was breathtaking. So, so creative.
  • The scene with Bathilda/Nagini in Godric's Hollow was so chilling. I may have screamed. Just a little.
  • Finally, I really liked the score for this movie. It's funny, because right after I left the theater I told Ricky I was disappointed by the music, but the more I thought about the film and let it settle in my mind, the more I realized I did like the music. So much so I bought the score on Amazon (for under five bucks, no less!) that same day.
  • In any book-to-screen adaptation, it goes without saying that there will be some scenes cut out, but did they really have to cut out Dudley's scene at the beginning? The one where he redeems himself by actually showing some humanity and asking why Harry isn't going with them? I was really bummed that they cut that. :(
  • I wish they would've done a better job explaining the shard of mirror Harry is randomly carrying along with him. If you've read the books, you know that this is an important part of Book 5 and helps develop Harry's relationship with Sirius. I am very curious to see how they explain it in the last film!
  • I also wish they hadn't cut the scene where Harry wins Kreacher's heart by giving him the fake locket. It was disappointing that it was removed.
  • This film did not have enough Ginny. Not. Cool.
As you can see from my LIKE and DO NOT LIKE lists, I evidently liked the film a lot more than I disliked it! Very few dislikes from me. I want to see it again and hope to drag Ricky to the theaters once more soon, because the film is still percolating in my mind and I want to see it once more to make sure I let it soak in properly. With that being said, I just might have to come back to this post and add more to it in the future! In the LIKE column, of course.

If you're like me and can't get enough of "Deathly Hallows, Part 1" there are some great behind the scenes videos here. If you have no idea who Harry Potter is or what a horcrux is (for shame), click here.

So now I want to know: what did you think of the film? 
Give me your "likes" and "do not likes" in the comments!


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Vanessa said...

I loved the film. It's been so long since I've read the book (read: since the day it cam out and I read it in one sitting) so it has hard for me to remember what parts were left out. I laughed, I jumped, I cried. & now I can not wait until summer! I NEED to see the last part. Except I'm dreading the end. Such mixed feelings.

Brittany said...

Hey Anna! I went to Harry Potter World for my sweet 16 & I saw the movie the week after. I LOVED IT! Yet, I haven't read the books BUT now all of a sudden I've been getting this huge urge to read them (when this week is over I will) For some reason I'm getting so excited about the books (of course I'm probably the only human being on this earth who HASN'T read the books yet ... & of course it's practically over) Non of the less ... I'll still read them. :) haha I did scream (well my friend & I did) when they were in the house & they thought they killed the snake but when it pops back out ... oh my I was NOT expecting that ... I screamed so loud haha ... the whole row behind me started laughing! ;P

Anyways hope all is well! Congrats on graduating!!! :)

-- Brittany