An Apology and a Poem

I am so sorry I have not written much lately on this here blog. Blame my students. Well, actually, blame me for giving so many assignments!

You see, this 9-week grading period ends tomorrow and grades have to be in by Friday morning at 10:00 AM. I spent the last two weeks previous to this one studying for my ABCTE exams and so I am two weeks behind in grading.

Woe is me.

But I'm the masochist that assigns so many grades. Teachers are required to have a minimum of 18 grades per grading period. I have, um, about 40 per class. No lie.

So pretty much: WOE.

Despite all this, I still took the time to visit my little blog and leave my loyal readers this note. Oh, and I wrote a poem (yah, I know, I should be grading, but when the Muse pays a visit, you can't exactly kick her out! :p). I have no idea where this poem came from as I am very happy with my boyf, thankyouverymuch.

Thoughts & comments greatly appreciated.


I dreamt of water

The night you left, I dreamt of water

Rippling, undulating sheets of blue

The same exact color of your eyes.

The sun glancing on it like an afterthought.

I carried the memory of you

Into my unconscious state:

The sugar-sweet cadence of your voice.

The bitter taste of your name on my tongue.

What happens when the whole of love suddenly disappears?

Is there anything left in its absence?

What happens when time ceases to matter?

Do the seconds fall away to oblivion?

Maybe I am like the after-image burned black onto a white wall

After the calculated obliteration of an atom bomb.

Maybe you are the forgotten ocean residing

In the barren recesses of my dessicated heart.

13 comment(s):

Ann Marie said...

It reminds me of New Moon. I instantly thought of Edward leaving Bella.. Maybe because I have it on the brain??

You are quite the poet.
Do you know it? Ha-ha

Anonymous said...

The sun glancing on it like an afterthought.

Loved it! Do take some time out for blogging Ana:)

Unknown said...

@ naperville mom: thanks! :)

@ Ann: Funny, I thought of "New Moon" too immediately after I wrote it! Heh, we are too twi-obsessed...

kimmy said...

I love how you use the twitter @ for reply! Very awesome poem and blog post ;)

Brittany said...

Wow...that was deep! :] I also know how you feel with your being behind on grading papers...I'm on the Internet like 24/7 and I still have some homework to do! Ha-ha! Love the poem :]

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I said this was beautiful on Protag, but I simply must tell you again. That pic at the bottom is also flippin sweet.
Man, I wish my more sentimental poetry came out this awesome... mine (almost) always turns out entire-maple-forest-of-syrup-level sappy...

Kate said...

Very nice.. man i love your writing. Remember the days of Atrocity of Sunsets group? Where on Earth did it go??

And the picture on the bottom is awesome!

Unknown said...

@ kate: it fell by the wayside. Melissa and I got busy with other projects, other things, until eventually it kinda just died a gradual, slow death.

I'm a member of this awesome writing site I think you would like! Check it out. :)

Hannahkin said...

aaaah, so lovely! i have to write a poem by Monday for this contest thingy... and i am uninspired! odd ear :)

love you, Ana :) [haha, if you think you don't blog often enough...]

Hannahkin said...

oh, and GOSH! i watched Slumdog Millionaire on Tuesday. it was uh-MAY-zin'! forget about Rob Pattinson, i want Dev Patel :) such a beautiful, heart-breaking, life-filled movie!!

Indyeah said...

Beautiful Ana:)
and yeah being happily in love has nothing to do with it:D
I understand:D

''What happens when the whole of love suddenly disappears?

Is there anything left in its absence?

What happens when time ceases to matter?

Do the seconds fall away to oblivion?''


life in its many hues..

TLC said...

WOW! I am stunned! The poem was so pretty and I really thought of New Moon. Yes, whenever miss muse take off! I love poetry and one of these days i'm going to do a whole post to it.

What would you say is your favorite oem ever? I love hearing different peoples take on their faves. Plus, i'm nosy LOL

Unknown said...

@ Hanny: I LOVED Slumdog! Am reading the book now... will let you know how I like it. So far so good.

@Indyeah: Thanks, my friend! :-)

@ T.L.C.: My favorite poem ever ... hm, what a difficult question. I will cheat and pick two. "somewhere I have never traveled, gladly beyond" by e.e. cummings and "Tonight I can write the saddest lines" by Pablo Neruda. Basically the sadder and sappier the poem, the more I'm there. :-D