THE QUIZ (my answers)

1. I am deathly afraid of spiders. TRUE!
Exhibit A: Read my "Itsy, Bitsy Phobia" post.

2. I am allergic to orange juice. TRUE!
Sadly, if I eat too many oranges or drink too much orange juice, I get ulcers in my mouth. Not fun. And I love orange juice! :(


3. I detest chocolate in all varieties. FALSE!
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Um, so false it's ... no it's still funny, actually.


4. I've reread Twilight more than five times. TRUE!
(Hangs head.)


5. One of my favorite books is The Time Traveler's Wife. TRUE!
I love this book so much. Yes, more than Twilight. If pressed, I must admit the truth. And I really, really hope they stop delaying the film already.


6. I love rap and country music. FALSE!
Sorry, Charlie, but this grrrl's all about the rock n' roll. :-D


7. I can speak English, Spanish, and French. FALSE!

I can speak English (duh) and Spanish, but not French.
Well, pseudo-French, yes, but not for real. ;)


8. I've never been to Europe. FALSE!
I worked for Iberia Airlines and got to travel to Spain and France a few years back. Dying to go back! Especially to Barcelona and Paris... Le sigh.
(There's some of that pseudo-French in action.)


9. Eighties movies are my passion. TRUE!

They don't make 'em like they used to... I still get chills hearing this song.

10. I crush on boys with British accents. TRUE!
The one who taught me to love British accents? Ewan Macgregor. Love that man. What's that you say? He's Scottish, not technically British? Whatev, I'm watching "Moulin Rouge" again, so don't interrupt me...


11. I have two dogs. FALSE!
I have two cats. They are the prettiest, sweetest cats in the cativerse. Yes, even "Gata Fea."


12. My boyfriend was born in Panama.
I heart Panama! (Especially Panamanian boys. :p)

Love Panama Pictures, Images and Photos

13. I can roller-skate like nobody's business. TRUE!
Haha take that all you suckas who put FALSE.


14. I can't dance. TRUE!
Woefully, horribly true. I am expecting them to revoke my Latina card any day now. And um, you hear that, Edward? I can't dance. So why aren't you making me?!


15. I am a morning person. FALSE!
I am a super, duper, hyper night person. Which makes my being a teacher all the more hilarious. Typical wake-up time during the school year: 6 AM
Typical wake-up time during the summer: 12 PM



I have no stinking clue who won?! I don't think anyone got all fifteen right (sniff, sniff), but I'm going to go back and review the answers. I'm thinking about rewarding the one who got the closest, so stay tuned. :) Thanks for playing and reading!

7 comment(s):

Abel said...

British is technically Scottish :D

Also, congratulations to the winner! (if there is one).

Unknown said...

Yay! Onwards with the Ewan-love then. (Not that it would've made a difference... :D)

Abel said...

Ah! I meant 'Scottish is technically British' D: I know it doesn't make a difference, but it would've bothered me endlessly had I not fixed it by mentioning it here xD

Indyeah said...

:D oh well...we were close :D


TLC said...

Yeah baby! I got 11 out 15 right! I was really surprised because I just took a guess and hoped that it would match!!!

Hannahkin said...

yay for Scottishness! us Macs rock the party :)

i am so very sad that i missed the whole quiz of funnity. so so very sad!! do another one soon? pleeeeaze?

heh. The Time Traveller's Wife is on my book list. unfortunately, my book list is about 10 pages long. but i'll push it up to the top! :)

i suck at dancing too. and nights aren't for sleeping, psshhh! nights are for living :)

yay for chocolate obsession.. but boo for allergy to orange juice! i love oranges and orange juice so much that i am a hater on any orange flavoured candy. can't eat it. won't eat it. doesn't taste like oranges to me!!

Anonymous said...

Lawl, I know I'm totally late in reading/commenting on this, but hells I love it! =D

And boys with British accents ftw. Jude Law and Rob Pat are *just* after my boyf, hah. 'Moulin Rouge' is uh-may-zing though.

I thought you could speak French... Whoops! XD.

Anyway, that was funn =D