LOLcat Picture of the Week

This one made me laugh a lot for some reason. :-D

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

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Ann Marie said...

My daughter is addicted to these now.. Do they sell books or anything besides t-shirts? Where do you find them??

Unknown said...

I'm addicted to them, too, hee. If you click where it says "more animals" below the pic, you'll be taken to the website where I get the pictures. :-) You can also buy their book from Amazon or Borders.

Indyeah said...

The pic wasnt visible it is ...and its as funny as before..all your cat pics crack me up:D

btw my dog actually bitch does this..:)she stands underneath the glass table and wonders how to get to the food:D
she is a baby..

Unknown said...

@ Indyeah, lol you should take a picture and submit it to the website as a LOLdog. :)

TLC said...

Oh my, laughing so hard...this reminds me of me. Haha! I love this and I want a shirt! Where can you get them???

Unknown said...

You can find the pictures at and I'll let you know if I see a shirt with this picture - I'd totally buy it, too!