These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

Tokyo Police Club
So this is my new favorite band. They are from Canada. I'd heard of them before, but for some reason I was always dismissive of their music without my even having heard them. Stupid, I know. Then on Monday night, the boyf is showing me the website for this movie coming out soon called "TOKYO!" and the trailer has this amazing song ... by Tokyo Police Club ...

Yeah, let's just say I'm not so dismissive now. :-p

This is the song that was playing:

Bubble Tea
Oh my stars, I love this drink so much. What is this strange drink with the abnormally large straw and bizarre "bubbles" at the bottom of the cup? Why, it's Bubble Tea. I first heard of it on "No Reservations." Bourdain was visiting Vietnam and he kept singing the drink's praises. So when I discovered this little Vietnamese restaurant near the boyf's house called The Green Papaya, and noticed they sold Bubble Tea there, I just had to try. My favorite flavor is called Taro Boba. It tastes just like a Rice Krispie treat, only liquid, and the "bubbles" are so much fun to slurp! Try it, you won't be disappointed, and Vietnamese food is yummy, too.

Dragon Quest V
It's no secret that I'm a big kid -- I play video games and my idea of a vacation is a trip to Disney World. I even own a DS Lite. It is my pride and joy (next to my Crackberry). Maybe it's a good thing that I'm a teacher -- it helps me stay young at heart. :p So the game I'm currently playing, Dragon Quest V, is my new favorite game. I've played other Dragon Quest games before, but this one takes the cake. It's got the perfect blend of action and story, and the translation is pretty good, IMHO. If you're a gamer and a fan of the DS, check this game out.

"Slumdog Millionaire" AKA "Q & A"
If you haven't yet seen this film, you don't know what you're missing. It deserves every single award it has won. I saw the movie on a day that I was feeling very low for personal reasons, and I left the theater practically walking on air. When I learned that the film was based on a book called Q & A by Vikas Swarup, I was curious to know more. Curiosity led me to buy the book. I'm currently knee-deep in it and loving it. Mind you, it's soooo different from the film but still awesomely awesome. If you haven't yet seen the film, I recommend reading it first. You can click on the pic to your left to read a portion of the novel on Amazon.

Oh Target, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... The boyf and I enjoy going there and just browsing, not something I'm fond of doing. Yes, I am a girl and enjoy shopping like every other girl does, but I detest spending long hours in any store -- unless it is Target. I love discovering new brands there, new items. One item I recently scored was this eye shadow palette from Pixi, it's called the "Lumi Lux Eye Palette," and it's got the most gorgeously gorgeous colors. I love how the shadows are so rich, plus they virtually glide onto your eyelid. Their shadows are also great in that they have sticking power and don't fade away easily, and I love-love-love the sparklies they put into them. Here's a close-up of all 20 awesome shades:

A rainbow of gorgeousness!

What are your current/forever favorite things? Let me know in the comments! :-)

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TLC said...

What an AWESOME layout!?! !!!

This was a great post idea. I might steel it cause well, sometimes i feel i have used up all m bloggy-ness juice and have NO clue on what to blog about!

LOVE LOVE LOVE that song. I had heard maybe A slight thread about that band from a friend. So I listened and it gave me something new to rock out to while cleaning the kitchen
-thank ya!

Slum Dog Millionare-I have heard everyone talking about this movie but have yet to see it:( I know, shame on me but I never seem to make it to the movie store and then when i do, my goodness where to start?

Also, Target...Yes lets count all thy ways of love hear. Tis brilliant and ever so loverly :)

I use some of that makeup and have bought it for friends as gifts! Very gorgeousness ~

Last, I near you won my friend Ambers highest award! Yay!!!! I was SO glad to come in last becuase I have one box already and its the full cast and i just couldnt make myself by another even though Edward was calling my name. CONGRATS!!!!

Marc said...

My toque my girlfriend knit for me :D

It is red and warm and makes me happy every time I put it on my noggin'.

Also, musically speaking, I randomly came across a YouTube video of Lily Allen's The Fear and I can't stop listening to it.

Indyeah said...

hey!beautiful three column template and all pink:))love it:)

the song does sound good:)
and bubble tea *drooling*I want to taste it:D

loved the book and the movie:))
no target outlets here but Oprah has amde sure the whole world knows about target:D
I err..have no idea what my fav things are
but loved reading yours:)

Anonymous said...

Bubble Tea! Lol. You should come to Singapore, they have it EVERYWHERE. A bunch of us go to the stall across the street from school for some of that stuff. Don't you just LOVE the feeling of chewing those awesome pearls?

Ugh... I am now in the mood for one of those things! XD

Hannahkin said...

i want some Bubble Tea! *stamps foot* it sounds darn amazing :)

my parentals are basically book nerds, so they got Q&A before anyone i know. i haven't read it yet, though, and i'm anxious to! (i have a pile of books to read. it's pretty much ridiculous) have you seen this photo? it basically made my mom fall in love with Dev Patel... and i think he's adorable.

Vikas Swarup is India's Deputy High Commissioner to South Africa!

My favourite things are pink chucks :) hee hee! i am finally doing my post that you tagged me in, with the pictures, today! yay!

Abel said...

Tokyo! is playing as part of the Miami International Film Festival! You should see it- it's definitely on my short list. Also, I think there's a part of it directed my Michel Gondry, who directed Science of Sleep AND Eternal Sunshine. Need I say more?