of face wash & porcelain dolls

I've always taken my skin for granted. I'm fair-skinned. Wait, scratch that -- I'm nearly albino, with dark hair, eyes, and brows, so my skin really stands out. People have told me I look like "a porcelain doll," which makes me blush (which is not a good thing when you're Winona-Ryder-pale). Thankfully, I've never had any issues with my skin, other than the occasional blush-fit.

Till now.

Out of nowhere, I've broken out all over my my left cheek and on my chin. The boyf thinks it's because I have a tendency to rest my hand on my left cheek and that germs are contaminating my face, but I'm a madwoman with the hand sanitizer, so I refuse to believe that's what is causing it. I think it's a combination of sleep deprivation and/or stress.

It is a sad thing, Reader, to go from being called "a porcelain doll" to having skin that now looks like this:

Hello, moon. Please tell my face to stop imitating you. Kthxbai

I'm exaggerating only slightly! Le sigh. So I bought a few face cleansers to try and combat this problem. Clean & Clear = Nothing doing. Neutrogena = Made my skin dry and scaly, but didn't make the zits disappear. St. Ives = Made it worse!!!!

This story does have a happy ending, though. My mom got tired of me buying all this "junk" that wasn't doing anything to help the situation, so one day she told me, "Why don't you just use Noxzema?" And memories of high school suddenly came rushing back to me. I used that face wash religiously all through high school, when my skin was at its clearest. In fact, that's when I got the most compliments for my complexion. The big blue bottle was such a mainstay in my past that I can't believe I ever stopped using it. I don't even remember why...

Well, I bought it a little less than a week ago and have been using it since, and already I'm seeing a massive difference. I love that the bottle looks virtually the same today as it did all those years back, when I was just a girl in my teens trying to take care of her skin. Noxzema, you rock my socks. I'll never stray from you again. Promise.

Cue: chorus of angels

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TLC said...

Oh Hun, Where to i begin!?!?! Skin problems have been with me since the teen years. My skin can go any where to oily to dry...it's all in that darn balence for me and it drives me insane!

My demeratoloigist told me that with almost every face cleanser it usally will get worse before it gets better because its bringing out the remaining under clogged pores. So I just had to wait it out.

I've never used noxema but I'll give it try when what ever was working, quits!

Indyeah said...

Noxzema to the rescue!:D
aww..porcelain doll:)
here's to fresh glowing skin!:))

PS:-I fail to see any moonlike anything:D
but okay if you say so:P
take care

Ann Marie said...

I'm glad you found something that works!!

I have had terrible oily skin my whole life and I have learned that for me washing it everynight and then putting *Nothing* on it worked best for my situation.
I hate zits.

Love your new profile picture.. You look like a Porcelain Doll. :)

Unknown said...

Aw, thanks, guys! :D And TLC, you've got to try Noxzema. It's the bestest.

Hannahkin said...

:) :) :) i betcha you don't look like the moon. and i'm also cursed with the blushing thing. drat. i also have this ridiculous ailment which makes me go the shade of a tomato if i'm: a) doing anything requiring a minimum of physical exertion; b) in the sun for more than 5 minutes without sunscreen on. (we had our school's annual swim day a week ago, and my shoulders are scabby. from SUNBURN. jeez.)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Ok, here is a tip: I had fairly nice skin until I turned 18...then I didn't! I tried a lot of things, but a few months before I got married I discovered the best thing ever. It's called "Purpose" wash by Johnson and Johnson and it is amazing! It is water based and so great and only 4 bones a bottle!

Anonymous said...

This was a lot of fun...talking about the craters on the moon and your face in the same breath. Yeah, sometimes, it's the good'ol stuff that works:) I do the St Ives Apricot scrub for the grease...and the blackheads on the nose. Works!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE NOXZEMA! I didn't know it worked on acne though(ms. uninformed..) I always use it on sunburn. It gives a cooling sensation and helps heal it somehow. ^^

Unknown said...

I love the cooling sensation, too, Nikki! I can't help but feel it helps clear my face when I feel that. :D And you're absolutely right, it's great for sunburns, too.