Book Fair/Twilight Festival Recap

So today was our Book Fair/Twilight Festival at school. My AP English Language students were in charge of representing various genres such as Young Adult, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Graphic Novels, etc. I had them make "billboards" (aka, poster-boards) with flashy pictures and book synopses.

They did awesome. Here they are with their boards:


Comic Books/Graphic Novels


Young Adult




Fantasy/Science Fiction

Love them all. I am so, so proud of them.

The one unexpected treat today was seeing all the Twilight-related paraphernalia. I wasn't in charge of that portion of today's event, the Twilight Club was. I know what you're thinking -- why don't I run the Twilight Club?! Well, as an English teacher, I would rather promote literacy than love of Twilight -- strange but true. This is why I run the Book Club.

But back to the Twilight Festival! I think they did a great job. There were competitions in Arm Wrestling (Emmett did not show up for that, sadly), Lightning Baseball, plus they had the most awesome Human Chessboard (which you can see in the video). They also had booths set up where students could get face paint to look like vampires, plus you could buy red velvet cupcakes and fruit punch (out of blood vials, natch). It was crazy.

The pièce de résistance, however, had to be the Drama Club's production of "Twilight." Their performance was entirely based on movement and expression -- no words were spoken. And it was awesome. It presents the story from when Bella first arrives in Forks, and carries it all the way to the scene where Edward saves Bella by sucking James's venom from her blood.

The students were so much in character -- Bella had flannel! James had a leather jacket! Edward had a peacoat-like jacket and face makeup that sparkled in the light! There were also students representing the rest of the Cullens in the festival, but they didn't appear in the skit.

It's kind of hard to see in the video, but in the scene where Edward reveals his sparklepire self to Bella, the sun, which had been partially obscured by clouds, decided to lend the actors a hand and it shone directly on Edward. I swear to you, I had chills running up and down my arms.

Here's the video. (Sorry for the blurry quality -- this was taken using a digital camera!). Close-up pictures of the student actors are after the vid.

Pretty, Pretty Peektures
Edward and Bella.

Mike Newton and Jacob Black (love Jacob's shirt!)

Alice and Jasper (love her expression!)

Dr. Carlisle and me. :-p

James and other random nomadic vampires

Edward gives Bella's would-be attacker the stink-eye.

Bella confronts Edward.

Edward "makes" Bella dance.

Edward fights James.


How did you like the video/pictures? Let me know in the comments!

Have you had a chance to check out my Examiner Book Review of Twilight (the book) yet? Read it and please comment on the site!

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Miss Switz said...

the video was great! some wonderful acting skills at your school. I must say my fav part was when Bella throws her bookbag down and hugs him. hehe. Well I truly enjoyed it keep up the good work!
Miss Switz

Unknown said...

Thanks, Miss Switz! :-)

(And that's my favorite part, too!!!)

Alicia en el pais said...

woooooowww fantastiiic!!!!!!!
you are genial

Alicia en el pais said...

i love twilight!!!!!
thanks! im looking! your comment in your blog !

Unknown said...

Gracias, chicas! :-D

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I know nothing about the plot of Twilight, but that vid was frickin' rockin' awesomeus. The posters and other photos were great as well. In the "plays" poster I noticed A Streetcar Named Desire, and immediately I thought to myself, "STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" ^^

I also wanted to mention, your Examiner review was marvelous as well. I haven't heard much about the actual plot, or specific literary qualities of the book before reading your review; now I know what to look for when I (eventually) read it.

kimmy said...

ANA!!!! I LOVE THE VIDEO!!!! They did such a great job!

Swetha said...

superb video !! i enjoyed it

Alicia en el pais said...

good job that you really hopefully do this in my school You must love your students te invito a comentar en mi blog I mean
This simple teenager

Hannahkin said...

my mom won't let me watch the video now... because i have hours of homework still to do and it's 6:30 on Sunday evening. meh. but i'll watch it soon, promise! i LOVE the photos, and *besides Jasper* thought the students at your school looked more like the characters (for me) than the actors in the actual movie! hehe :) love Edward and Bella. and Mike.... and Jake. like i said, i loved them all :)