I'm a big kid now.

I never thought you could outgrow Disney World, but our recent trip there has me rethinking the matter.

This was a seriously last-minute trip. Financially, we were thinking it might be better to stay home and enjoy the pleasures that Miami has to offer, pleasures we don't take enough advantage of, honestly. But a friend had recommended we try priceline.com (he recently got a great price on a hotel) and so we did, not thinking anything would come out of it.

If you've never used priceline.com, you basically get to choose the price you want to pay, whether for a hotel, flight, rental car, whatever. They can either refuse or accept your offer, but if they accept it -- you have to pay it. So don't give an offer unless you plan on honoring it!

We gave an offer to a hotel near Disney, not really thinking they would accept it, and they did. And just like that, we had to pack our bags and go! This was Wednesday night. We were extremely surprised that the hotel accepted our offer -- I truly don't think we expected they would and I think we were also already resigned to staying home in Miami. So yeah, a big surprise. Maybe even a little disappointment, truth be told.

Thursday morning, we went to Magic Kingdom, where we spent the entire day. The amount of people was overwhelming. I don't think I'll ever go to a theme park during Spring Break again! As you'll see in the pictures below (especially the first one), it was a literal sea of people. You couldn't walk without almost bumping into someone. Seriously unreal. So we had to Fast Pass all the rides. We did get to go on Space Mountain twice, which is a big deal because they're closing the ride down in a few weeks to give it a complete overhaul. It won't reopen till 2010. We also hit the Haunted Mansion (my personal favorite), the Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, and I think that's it. The lines were way too long for rides like It's a Small World and Peter Pan.

The boyf and I weren't too disappointed that we didn't get to ride the attractions we missed due to long lines because we were there not too long ago. That's the downside of living near Orlando, I guess. You can get sick of Disney World.

So yes, I think we outgrew Disney World this vacation. It wasn't just the insane amount of people and having to jostle our way around the park -- I think our taste for theme parks has changed. We've become rollercoaster junkies. The lack of thrilling rides in Magic Kingdom was a disappointment for us. Mind you, we knew what we were getting into, and sure, we could've gone to a more thrilling park like Islands of Adventure. But we're waiting until their newest ride, the Rockit, opens. And I cannot wait for that...

Here are some peektures of our last-minute trip along with the obligatory comments:

Look at the amount of people. Jeez. Well, at least the castle's pretty! :-D

Ricky and I enjoying the Mass Transit cars. (Gah, I need a tan...)

A new addition to the park -- a Winnie the Pooh tree! (If you squint, you can see Piglet.)

Ricky and the Winnie the Pooh tree.

Random picture from the Tom Sawyer ferry.

Ricky on the deck of the ferry. I am ridiculously proud of this picture for some reason. I love how the sun peeks over Ricky's shoulder.

Saying good night and good-bye (again) to the Magic Kingdom.

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5 comment(s):

Ann Marie said...

I have never been to Disney World.. Just Disneyland.. And it's pretty much the happiest place on earth for me....Unless... There is a crowd.. Then NO THANKS!

Crowds make me mean. You are good you stayed... I have to say, you listed most of my FAVORITE rides!

I am Jealous.. So jealous...

PS: Hey.. How did you do the copyright thing at the bottom??

Scriptor Senex said...

Glad you enjoyed it - too many people for my liking but I love the Winnie the Pooh tree.

TLC said...

Oh dear. that reminds me of our vacation last year to Orlando and the magic kingdom. It was June. Overloaded. Gay pride Day. and WAY HOTT!

We fast passed alot too and didnt really do. This year, were coming back to Orlando and have renented a house and going back for the other parks! I'm SO excited but will skip the whole gay pride day...LOL

Hannahkin said...

aaawww. well, i can imagine all those people were NOT fun. and i guess we all grow out of these things *except Lauren... i can still see her at Disneyland as an ooooold lady :)* but i hope it was still pretty fun! hee hee, Piglet looks like he's gonna jump on Ricky's head in the photie of the Winnie The Pooh Tree :)

Unknown said...

I can totally see Lauren still at Disneyland as an oooold lady. With Pocket Edward still in tow, natch.

And LOL at Piglet almost jumping on Ricky's head! Hadn't noticed that. :p