These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

While I love buying from big companies like Target and, I also try to help out the little people whenever I can. And I've discovered, thanks to online stores like, that sometimes it's the handmade things that are the best and last the longest. What I like about Etsy is that they have such a wide selection of the most random things. Need fingerless gloves? No problem. Are you obsessed with butterflies, like I am, and want to buy nothing but butterfly-covered objects? Look no further. They truly have almost everything. And the prices are pretty good, too. Here are some of my favorite sellers on Etsy, mostly jewelry related:
So lately I am obsessed with Twizzlers, especially the strawberry-flavored variety. It's funny because I normally am not one for gummy, chewy candy. I didn't like Twizzlers much as a child. I tried it again recently, though, and now I am craving it nonstop. Twizzlers = love.

I personally do not own a quilt, but I have always wanted one. I love how they exude that down-home, country chic that I love in furnishing. If I could sew at all, I would probably make one, but since, alas, I cannot sew, I will probably end up buying one someday. Simply Shabby Chic makes some particularly fetching quilts for Target. I am currently in love with this one. (Boyf, take note. My birthday's a scant six months away, you know...)

Tori Amos
Now, I know it's not accurate to call this singer a current favorite thing, not only because she is obviously not a thing but because I don't just love her currently. I've always hearted this singer, from the very first time I heard her in middle school. I was either in 7th grade or just starting 8th grade. The song was "Silent All These Years." The lyrics were my rawest feelings set to music. Made beautiful. I'd never connected so viscerally with music before. Who was this sprite-like woman with the blazing red hair and the voice that could cut straight to my heart? I ran out and bought her album, Little Earthquakes, immediately. On cassette. (Yes, I am that old.) More than 10 years later (told you I was old), I am still in love with her music, still wondering what draws me so to her.

Here is the video for her first single, "Welcome to England" off her new album Abnormally Attracted To Sin, which comes out on May 19. To learn more about Tori Amos, go here.

Last Minute Trips

There are few things better than last minute trips. Some of my most favorite trips with the boyf were the ones we decided upon the night before. We've planned many memorable trips this way... Disney World! Key West! And while Tokyo may not have been planned at the last minute last year per se, it was still pretty spur of the moment. And I loved that trip, every second of it. This week, we might be going to Disney World again since I'm currently on spring break and I'm in a Mickey mood. We might be visiting Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. But we won't know till the last minute, natch. ;-)


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13 comment(s):

Indyeah said...

loved the list :)
your current fav things are always interesting :)

LOL@twizzlers coz I love them too....and am obsessed with them :D

yes to quilts and tori amos:))

enjoy your trip to disney world and do blog bout ig you wont :D:D

kimmy said...

YAY! I love your list. I am a fan of last min trips as well. SPUR OF THE MOMENT LIVE ON!

Hannahkin said...

lovely lovely lovely! i have to do one of these sometime :) i wish i could do more online shopping, meh :P etsy is fabulous! i do a lot of online window shopping there ;)

yay for spur of the moment trips!

TLC said...

Last minute trips *sigh* I'm still waitin for that"someone" who would even think about doing a last minute trip.

Etsy is so addictive. If i get on there, i just browse for hours and cant stop!

how funny, I was the same way when i was little with twizzlers. Couldnt stand them either. But, them somehow...the strawberry ones came into my life and i love them. I always bite off the top and bottom and use them as a straw in m favorite cherry cola drink and them eat them!

Ketto said...

I really wish my english teachers back in highschool (and even now in college) were as cool as you T_T;;

Unknown said...

Aw, thanks, Ketto! :-D

Kritkrat said...

Etsy is the devil. And another example of why hell is way more appealing...

Rose said...

Yay! I love last minute trips - always the best! My mum is like that - she'll just get up and go somewhere. One time we just randomly drove up to Scotland, to the border, whilst we were already on holiday somewhere in the north of England. So good! :)

Oo yes, I love Etsy!! I found that site quite a while ago and I just want to buy everything!! Haven't got anything of it yet but may just go and have a look.Probably be a bad move though! ;)

I know! Aren't quilts fabulous! I wish I could sew one but I doubt I'd have the patience. A friend I know was sewing an amazing one, whilst she was supervising one of our school art lessons (back in the day!lol) and it was for her baby who was on the way. Aww! I just wanted to steal the quilt right there and then! :P

Rose @>}-----

Unknown said...

@Kadonkadonk: I srsly heart your name. And I am also curious as to what inspired your hate for Etsy. Please elaborate.

@Rose: Your mom sounds amazing. My mom doesn't even like driving on the freeway! But I love her anyways. :-D And also I love the word "whilst." Wish we used it here in the states. So much more fun to say than plain old "while."

Kritkrat said...

Perhaps I should have said Etsy is like my own personal brand of heroin.

...Or crack. Or whatever drug makes you lose all self control and spend all your money on quirky earrings and vinyl wall decals. Would that be LSD? Acid? Are LSD and acid the same thing? Apparently I don't know my drugs well enough.

Unknown said...

Ah, it all makes sense now. And I completely agree, Etsy is rather drug-like.

Hannahkin said...

and uhmmm by the way, i love your new header! so cute :) also, i found this amazing quilt.... this is MY kind of quilt ;)

nsiyer said...

Wonderful! I always am the explorer. Or a bad planner. Hence my trips are all of a sudden but i have enjoyed them.