These are my fears.

This post was inspired by Mistress Elsha's post on her 5 fears. (Be sure to check out her blog, she's the awesomeness!)

So these are my fears, in no particular order:

'Nuff said, really.

This is a white-knuckle fear for me, so much so that I do not own a car or possess a driver's license. True story!

My knees quake, I tremble like a leaf and I get queasy whenever I'm walking near a precipice or looking down a steep cliff. And yet, I heart roller coasters. I think I'm more scared of heights when I'm standing, though.


Yes, I sleep with a light on (a very dim light). I can only sleep in the dark when I'm not alone. I think this fear is related to my fear of ghosts (see below).


Like most people, I am afraid of dying and of losing my loved ones to death. This is mostly because I am afraid of not knowing what happens after we die. My faith helps comfort me a bit, but still ... (shudders) It sucks not knowing. I am also intensely afraid of dead people, aka ghosts. I belong to a family of seers, people who regularly see ghosts. I myself have never seen a ghost and I regularly pray to God to never let me see one. I promise one day to blog about the ghosts my family has seen, including the one in my very own house. (shudders)

So what are your fears? Let me know in a comment!

ETA: I wrote a poem on Protagonize about my five fears, which you can read here.

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11 comment(s):

Brittany said...

I have pretty much the same fears..but I haven't started Driving yet (almost.. :-) ) But I'm not afraid of it. I'm also not afraid of heights ... I too <3 rollercoasters. The last one...when I read it...I have like the exact same feelings about death & all; but I guess it's the circle of life and it's bound to happen to everyone (well except all mystical creatures LAWL) ....

Unknown said...

I want to be a mystical creature then.


Indyeah said...

all the fears are the same except the driving one:)

family of seers? thats cool in a way!please blog about it!I am so darn curious now:D

Ann Marie said...

Oh and... Cool poem. :)

Thanks for the copyright info..

tasha said...

Spiders are out for world domination.

True story.

TLC said...

I HATE SPIDERS and that picture flipped me out! ! !

Death dosent really bother me or dead people sense my mom died, and i wanted to still hold her hand so bad that the dead then, to me, I just didnt care, I HAD to hold her hand while I could.

This was a neat post! I might have to do this myself!

PS. I would love to hear about your ghosts. I must admit the those things fascinate me but i would die right on the spot if i saw anything!!!!!

Abel said...

I'm also afraid of heights when I'm standing, but not, say, if protected by railing or going on a plane. And driving too, but that goes away after the first months or so (still experiencing fear of the highway, though).

I think my main fear is simply not knowing how I'm going to die. Death is natural so I accept it, and whatever happens after that is something I simply won't know till it happens, so I focus all my worrying on hoping that I don't die slowly and painfully D:

Also, I've seen a ghost/spirit. It seemed relevant.

Unknown said...

@T.L.C.: Promise to post on it ... soon!

@Abel: You cannot just write a comment like that and run away. Explain!!!! I love hearing ghost stories. I'm a masochist like that.

Hannahkin said...

thanks for the idea! i'll post about this sometime this week, since my fears are almost completely different to yours :) i think i told you most of mine, anyway, yonks ago when you posted about phobias, but whatev.

hey, go lookit my blog :) i posted while you were in Disney World!

Abel said...

It was when I was a lot younger...7, 8, 9, maybe. Old enough to remember it happening at least. My aunt was driving me down a road that ends at the street that's parallel to the back of Opa Locka Airport. There, I saw some sort of white-ish figure crossing the street. It started to look up, but then it disappeared and my aunt kept going as the light had turned green.

Coincidentally, and because I am a failure at observing my surroundings, I found out only in ninth grade when I started going to Miami Lakes Tech in the area that the street is just a few blocks from the cemetery.

Yeah D: Ever since, I've wondered about who I saw.

Unknown said...

@Abel: Wah! That is spooky. I went to high school near there (Pace), but luckily I never saw a ghost.