Lolcat of the Week

While browsing the many different Lolcats for this week's kitty, this one caught my eye because of its, well, eyes. They are hilarious, as is that caption. And don't those crepes look yummy? I think I am going to convince the boyf to go get some tomorrow. Think if I wear a similar expression as this cat he'll agree? ;-)

funny pictures of cats with captions
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4 comment(s):

Scriptor Senex said...

Have you seen this LOL cats?

Unknown said...

No! It's hilarious. I might just use it as a "Lolcat of the Week" in the future. :)

tasha said...


It reminds me of 'spaghetti cat.'

Although, this one should be called 'crepe cat!'


Rose said...

Haha...I am a frequent visitor of lolcats! Love it! I saw that one and really liked it too haha. :)

Rose @>}-----