"Fathers, be good to your daughters. You are the god and weight of her world."

:) Happy Father's Day! (:

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This weekend is very special in my family, not just because of Father's day, but because yesterday was my father's birthday AND my parents' 39th wedding anniversary. So yes, a very special weekend.

To celebrate, we took Dad to eat at Outback yesterday (one of his favey-fave restaurants). Good thing I was in a carnivorous mood! But I almost didn't get to eat my steak because of the bread. What is it about that restaurant's bread that I cannot resist eating more and more and more of it until I want to pop? Now, to be fair, I am a breadaholic. Yes, that word exists -- I just made it up. I will eat bread of all types. But typically, I prefer the darker breads. Pumpernickle is my absolute favorite.

Luckily, I left just enough room in my stomach for dinner. But me, I could live on bread alone quite happily thankyouverymuch.

Today we are going to treat Dad to lunch and just let him laze around the house and watch TV. His two favorite activities. ;)

Have a great Father's Day!

(The title of this post is from a John Mayer song.)

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2 comment(s):

Hannahkin said...

the title is so true. well said, Mr Mayer! he's sometimes so full of insight. if you want to read something AWESOME that he said, go to The Quote Garden website and type "crayons" into the little search box. scroll down until you get to his quote. fa-bu-lous :) also, what a cute Lolcat!

what a cool way to spend the day! i love going out to restaurants. and i always always ALWAYS manage to get full on bread and rolls before my food even arrives! even worse, when we were in the States, at every.single.restaurant. we went to, i would finish my drink and THEY WOULD REFILL IT! gosh. that doesn't happen here. i stupidly would keep drinking... honestly.

it was my dad's birthday last week, and we asked him what he wanted to do. the answer? stay home and eat choco$late cake :)

TLC said...

You & me both sista! Bread lover to the extreme and outbacks rolls....Oh yes, a love affair indeed.

I love that lolcat! Makes me think of my dad today. I didnt get to spend it with him :(

What a big weekend for your parents though! I hope you got great picures! ! !