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All jokes aside, do cats really have a superiority complex? Do they really think they are above us? Here are some things cats do that seem to prove this assumption is correct:

  • Do not attempt to call a cat using "Here, kitty, kitty" unless you want to be given an incredulous look by said feline.
  • You don't walk a cat, he walks you.
  • Don't try to read a newspaper in front of your cat unless you want him to sit precisely on top of the article you are reading.
  • No alarm clocks are necessary if you own a cat -- he'll let you know when it's time to get up (aka, feed him).

Those are just a few of the behaviors I have witnessed firsthand that suggest cats do in fact have a superiority complex. All jokes aside, I have always admired how regal and elegant cats can be. Consider that the ancient Egyptians didn't worship dogs -- they worshipped cats. I think this innate elegance in cats, this inner independence, makes them appear to be snobby and standoffish. The truth is that cats can be very affectionate. They just have to get to know you first. Whereas most dogs, God bless the friendly creatures, will lick a burglar's hand.

What's your take on cats? Conceited balls of fluff? Or independent and noble creatures?

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7 comment(s):

Kate said...

...I'm raising my hand and politely claiming that I'm a dog person.

...And now I'm sheepishly backing away from this conversation.

I do love the lolcats though!

Unknown said...

Hey Katie! You know, I love dogs a lot. I do. I think they are great companions, in a way honestly that cats can never be. But my personality is more suited for a cat. I need my space, too. ;)

Lula! said...

I. Do. Not. Like. Dogs.

Therefore, I love cats. We have one very pampered, very spoiled, very loved cat who is a part of our family. He is very regal, independent, conceited, noble, and gorgeous. And he'd kick a dog's butt anyday!

(See? Kinda opinionated about cats! HA!)

Hannahkin said...

ohz! this kitty looks just like MY kitty :) loves it.

i'm a huge cat fan. Gimli is adorable a lot of the time - either very affectionate and goofy, or cuddly - and then he can be very aloof, but i'm wrapped around his hind claw! :)

Hannahkin said...

i do love dogs as well, though :) i've only had one dog my whole life... and my dad sent her away. it was a sad sad time for me.

Kullen79 said...

My cats act just like that. Sitting on anything I'm working on. But, the second you want them to sit in your lap, they're like "I don't freakin' think so. This is my world and you just live in it." I have 4 cats living in my house right now. Just me and them. They rule everything I do. I do feel like their conceited balls of fluff (and that's a good thing, as far as I'm concerned)but also independent and noble creatures. I wish I were a cat some days. That would be the life. BTW, I love the name of your blog! When I saw that, I almost peed in my pants, 'cause that was the song I was listening to at that exact moment. Crazy stuff!!

Unknown said...

@Kendall: You like Twilight AND Tori Amos? Clearly, you are a woman of exquisite taste. ;)