Post-It Love

So today I woke up feeling sad for no reason at all, just kinda grumpy and not all right at all. My wonderful friend Hanny sent me this video with the promise that it would cheer me up right away. I was dubious, but I heart my Hanny, so I decided to give it a go...

And it worked. Boy did it work.

If you have ever worked in an office and/or love those little Post-It notes, you will love this video. More post after the jump:

I know, I know -- that was an overdose of cute. It's just too cute. You can see why it cheered me up! :D

What is your stance on dating a co-worker? I never have. Not for any other reason, mind, that I just was never attracted to any of my co-workers. For those of you who have ... did they ever show their feelings for you in a similar way? What is the sweetest, most incredible thing someone has done to show their love for you?

I had a boy serenade me with the song "Unchained Melody" while he was riding a bike on the street outside my window. If you didn't get to read that blog post, go here.

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11 comment(s):

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

Heehee, this just made me really, really happy. ^^
I'm still smiling over here! =)

Hannahkin said...

i heart my Ana, too! so very glad that it worked :)

i'm trying to think of the sweetest thing someone's done to show their love for me, without much luck :/ when i was in 8th grade, a guy in my class sent me the cutest poem ever. i'm pretty sure he didn't actually write it himself, but it was still sweet. i'm trying to remember the whole thing, but it's only coming in waves... it was called "without you", though, and it was full of metaphors like, "i'm shoes without laces" and "i'm two left feet". i'll try to find it and post it on my blog sometime, because it really was the cutest thing :)

Rose said...

AWW that's sooo cute!!! :D :D I loved that! Thanks for posting it...made me all fuzzy and warm inside. hehe :)

Rose @>}-----

Rachelle said...

This made me really really happy too. Just the music,and how cute and innocent it was... awww...

As for your questions. I've never dated a co-worker and I never will. The closest I ever came was my first job, there was this boy, we shall call him... John.

I started writing about John here but it became too long, so I wrote a blog about it! You know the link I won't plug my blog on yours lol.

Great post, I love your blog, and you are awesome :D

Angela Lynn said...

That was the cutest thing ever! My son watched it with me, he was all smiles.

I can see how it would make your day better, I sure can't stop smiling!

I have never dated a co worker. But I've had lots of sweet things done for me. In fact daily. My husband (aka Mr. Cutie lol), after working all night long, will let me sleep in every morning so I can wake up on my own without the sound of an alarm clock or kids bothering me. He makes me these beautiful meals (omelets with avocados fanned out all pretty). He's written me my own song. Poems. Buys me flowers. Bought me Mr. EC. *wink* And supports me in all my silly, stubborn ways. Sorry, I just love him so much I get carried away! LOL

I love this post! I seriously can't stop smiling. ;)

Kate said...

That just brightened my day! And I needed it--it's been stormy non-stop here. I don't have any cute stories to share (sad, isn't it?) but someday when I do I'll happily report on them! For now I'll dream of finding my own sweet post-it boy. :)

Indyeah said...

that WAS wayy too cute:)))
I now have a new use for post its :D:D

nah!not a big fan of going out with a coworker..(not like one can plan love:P) it complicates things:)))

Kavi said...

Thats a pwerful story. And a story to remember.

At the love the soul holds for one another. For people who mean the world.

Even the body is not quite cooperating.

Our realities may be different. But the reality of love being the essence of all what we do..cannot be very different.

Nancy Face said...

I loved that made me happy! :)

I'm SOOO glad I dated a co-worker, because I MARRIED HIM! :D

Majtolina said...

The great story....I am so happy now :)
Thanks Ana Cristina, you made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

This is sooooo cute!! It makes me smile immediately! :)