Hibernation, here I come.

Ever since school let out, I have been sleeping on average 12 hours a night. Considering that's double the average of hours I sleep a night during the school year -- on a good night -- I am very happy. Even if I seem to approaching hibernation. I don't care. At least I'm rested! :D

What else have I been doing? A lot of reading and writing. A lot of Facebooking. A lot of video gaming. A lot of listening to music. Tokyo Police Club and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been on repeat mode a lot.

Le boyf and I have been wanting to see the loads of good movies that have come out recently: Up, Drag Me to Hell, The Hangover, to name a few. We finally got to see one of these, The Hangover, last night. It was much better than I thought. It somehow managed to be disgusting, hilarious, and heartwarming all at once.

Le boyf's been showing me all the old Star Trek movies ever since I became a fan. Most recently we saw Star Trek VII: Generations. We've also seen The Wrath of Khan, The Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, and First Contact. I don't think I missed anything, but I'm not sure. It's been a marathon of movies. I think my favorite was The Voyage Home. Next up is watching the shows online. Do you know the original series of Star Trek is on YouTube? True story.

So yes. I am a trekkie. It is true. *shrugs*

Tonight, we are going to a friend's house for dinner, which means I am going to have to do something with this hair of mine. I've been wearing it wavy all week and it's a tangle of knots. Sigh.

Is it wrong that I feel like taking a nap?

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Busy Bee Lauren said...

I am so jealous of your hibernation sleep. I think I get about 6 hoursish...sigh...

I have seen all of the Star Treks...becaus my mom is a trekkie. I am a fan of James T Kirk when Pine Sol plays him :)

Kavi said...

Ohh 12 hours..! I can only have that in my dreams. And to get that dream..i must sleep. Right ?!!!

Enjoy it ! it helps in the renewal of the spirit !! You will need all of it

Anonymous said...

Gah, I am sooo jealous! And Yeah Yeah Yeahs ftw, haha XD.

I still haven't watched Star Trek! I think I'll have to wait for the DVD... Phooey.

Glad you're enjoying yourself! =DD


Hannahkin said...

i'm writing this from bed... oh, the wonders of wireless internets! :) but yes, 12 hours of sleep is bliss, i shall agree. i also average about 6 a night - yech! yay for summer vacation! :)

by the way... whenever your live traffic feed says "Parow, Western Cape, South Africa"... it is lying. i know it is talking about me, and it is LYING. hah! :)

and i talked to my mama about mailing you the book sometime soon! yay!

Kate said...

Your blog makes me smile!

Isn't summer sleep the best? I tend to sleep really badly during the school year due to a severe stress problem I have, so I'm really enjoying catching up now.