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Happy Monday! And it is a happy Monday for me because this is the last week of school! Woo-hoo! Time to start planning summer trips. For sure we want to hit up Sea World because they have a new ride, Manta. And the best part is I just found out Florida teachers can get into Sea World FREE. Which is awesomeness.

Have a great week, everyone! :-D

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6 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

It's your last week already?! Aaah, I'm so jealous. I've got three more weeks, including this one to go! =(

And free pass to Sea World is the awesomesauce. Seriously =D

Have a good week!


Kavi said...

Looks like this a fun time thats coming up for you !

And that sure is time for celebration.

Lucky you

Rose said...

Haha! Gotta love lolcats! "Keep packing" hehe. :D x

Unknown said...

Thanks, guys! And don't worry, Robyn. Your vacay is on its way. :-D

Ann Marie said...

My kitty is seriously this way. When he sees the bags being loaded into the car, he goes into a frenzy. Too funny.

Grateful it's your last week. My daughter is on year round and is in until July 2nd. Crazy.

Seaworld for free? So jealous..
Hope you get there!!

Malia said...

Ah the cats thing...I still don't get it but I'm trying :) haha