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Why are black cats seen as bad luck? I personally love black cats. I think they are beautiful. But maybe that's just me. If I see one cross my path, I smile. What do you do?

Have a great week, everyone! :-D

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5 comment(s):

Angela Lynn said...

I love black cats. When I was eight I wanted one SOOO badly. There was this Halloween movie. I can never remember it's name, but it was about a little girl who was a witch, but she wasn't any good at it. ANYWAY, she had the cutest black cat and I think it's name was Bubbles... hum... no it wasn't! LOL Oh well. The mystery of what the heck that show is will forever haunt my mind. :)

Hannahkin said...

i'm also a fan of black cats and think they're beautiful! in fact, i've always wanted a black cat... but my dad is adamant that any cat we own must be ginger, for some odd reason. we have a brand of peanut butter over here named "Black Cat" :)

Ann Marie said...

Of the 5 cats I owned.. all were black except for one.. :)

They are sleek and beautiful.
I havent ever thought of them as evil.. but I think my Chad would beg to differ about ours now.. he-he..

Anonymous said...

:D that is cute in a way:D:D
I am not a fan of cats as such:))but yeah I dont mind having them around:))
I love Persian ones which a friend ones creep me out for some reason:)

Nancy Face said...

Hilarious! :D

I'm not the least bit superstitious, and I don't believe in "bad luck"! Black cats are pretty! :)