These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

I have been all about Harry Potter lately, ever since my boyf (finally!) started reading the series. It just reignited my love for Harry Potter, seeing him fall in love with the books. We've been having Harry Potter movie marathons on the weekends, talking about Harry Potter at the dinner table, dissecting the Harry Potter books and the movies every chance we get, and it's just been the best. And top of all that awesomeness, they are opening up a section of Islands of Adventure in Orlando this summer that will be devoted entirely to Harry Potter. Including (dun, dun, DUN) a dark ride. Oh, and you will even be able to buy wands and butterbeer at the park! I cannot wait. Best of all, le boyf will be there enjoying it with me. :)))))

There's nothing like having your best friend or lover (or both in one, as in my case!) enjoy the same things you do. It just makes you enjoy the things you love even more.

I've been loving chamomile tea these days, especially right before bed. No matter how wired I am, no matter how crazy my day, it never fails to soothe me. I especially like the brand Celestial Seasonings, and not just because their version of chamomile tea has an adorable teddy bear in pajamas on the cover. Although that is pretty stinking cute!

But seriously, drinking chamomile tea is great on stressful days. It somehow just relaxes you and melts all the tension away. It's also good for lowering blood pressure, something I desperately need on days when I come home feeling like my head's going to burst. Did I mention it has a cute teddy bear on the cover? So yeah, chamomile tea pretty much rocks. Gwen Stefani had it right all along.

I didn't always like the color yellow. I used to worry that my skin was too sallow for me to wear it. That wearing yellow would make me look ... yellow. So I've always avoided wearing it. Until recently, that is. Lately I've been seeing it everywhere -- in fashion, decor, and especially in cars. So I decided to give it another try. I recently bought a yellow shirt and a headband with yellow flowers. And what do you know? Wearing yellow doesn't make me look yellow after all. It makes me look summery and happy. I feel summery and happy wearing it. And that's what yellow is all about, right? Smiley faces wouldn't be yellow if that weren't the case.

Yep, reading outside is one of my favorite things this month. Why? Because there's nothing like reading in the shade, with sunlight filtering through the trees, casting shadows across the page. You feel the wind teasing your hair, the sun warming your skin, and all of the sensations of spring rush over you in a wash of joy that just makes the whole experience so wonderful. If you've never done this before, try it. I sometimes even like taking my classes outside to read. (The more well behaved classes, that is.)

I love big hair. I've always liked the big hair look of the 60's and 70's (80's and 90's, not so much). I just think it's perfect for those balmy spring/summer nights. Plus it's so humid in Miami this time of year that big hair is practically a given -- especially if your hair is prone to frizz like mine.

I tried my hand at making my hair "big" last week. I flipped my head forward and brushed it like crazy, and when I flipped it back up, my hair was nice and big. But then it deflated, and I was a sad panda. (See photographic evidence here.) I have really fine hair that just doesn't do the va-va-voom thing too well.  Do you guys have any tricks or techniques you use to make your hair big and volumelicious -- and stay that way?

(All pictures in this post were found on we heart it.)

What are your favorites this month?


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Angela Lynn said...

What a great post!
1. I adore Harry Potter. True story I read book's 1 through 4 aloud to Mr. Cutie while he was playing Age of Empire back in the day. Those were some of my favorite times.
2. Chamomile tea is heavenly. I just got a Peach infusion tea from Teavana today with chamomile in it. I am looking forward to trying it out tonight.
3. Yellow is my oldest daughters favorite color. It is such a happy color, no?
4. Nothing better than reading outside! I love it!
5. For my sister's wedding she is going with BIG hair. I'll try to remember to bring my camera just for you, bunny!

Annnnd you are my favorite this month. True story. Nuff said. ;)

Claire Kiefer said...

This is such a fantastic post, and I love the way it's laid out. All those things are delightful . . . I think this summer might be the time for me to revisit Harry Potter. And I have one class (5th period) that I definitely CANNOT take outside, haha!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh no, they got you, too! i just can't bring myself to watch or read harry potter. my mother-in-law is obsessed, and while we lived with her (house renovations) i had to watch some of it. then on my last trip to california, they showed one of those movies.

i love yellow, but since i'm such a wallflower, i can't wear yellow clothes (or i could, but i just don't feel comfortable doing it), but i do love yellow accessories!

big hair...story of my life.

tasha said...

I LOVE these posts. Love them.

We have the same favorite things. :)

1. I re-read HP all the time, and I swear it's like reading it for the first time all over again. I SO want a wand from that park. Jealous. Hmm..I'm thinking roadtrip.

2. Since spending a couple of days with the Cutie, I've become of lover of teas I've always shied away from. She's like my "tea role-model."

3. You'd look great in yellow. :) I heart yellow on other people. I'm too albino for it.

4. YES! I love sitting in a big rocking chair on my backporch and reading. Plus, I can still watch the lil ones. ;) You're stdents are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher.

5. Big hair. I live in Texas, so it's still very prevalent here. Lol. I blow dry my hair upside down, then use the "cool" on the dryer to set it at the roots. Cool those roots down and flip your hair back up. A little teasing around your crown, some volume hairspray and...ta-da! It's SUPER humid here on the gulfcoast too, and my hair will stay all day. I hope that helps.

Annah said...

My big hair tricks are living proof cream and some "Big Sexy Hair Spray". Once you're done blow-drying flip over and just walk into that Miami of ours. Whether you want to or not, that big hair is happening girlfriend! And I LOVE IT. Guys love it too. All this time trying to flat iron my hair for nothing!

Vanessa said...

HP is the best. I need to reread the series. I miss it. & I sooooo want to drink butterbeer in Orlando! I can't wait to visit at some future time!

Reading outside is heavenly. I've been doing that a lot lately. Going to the park and laying out a blanket, sprawlng out to get a tan and enjoy reading. LOVE it!!