10 Confessions [the movies version]

One of the first movies I remember seeing as a kid was "E.T." I was so excited to see it, but when the scene began with E.T. being hospitalized and having to undergo tests, I went ape-nuts and had to be escorted out of the theater by my mother. The icing on the cake was that my mom tried to calm me down in the lobby by purchasing a poster for the film and then hanging it on my bedroom wall -- which then proceeded to give me nightmares. D:

When "The Little Mermaid" first came out in the theater, my mother and I watched it two times straight. (Yes, we only paid for the first viewing. And yes, we are dirty criminals.)

I have a thing for watching film adaptations of books -- and then reading the book after. 

I have a soft spot in my heart for the "Toy Story" movies because my boyfriend and I started dating on the night he took me to go see "Toy Story 2." 10 years later, we're super excited to see the latest sequel, "Toy Story 3," together. And we're still going strong. :-)

I absolutely hate horror movies. I will not sleep a wink if I watch them. After I saw "The Exorcist," I couldn't sleep for two nights straight.

While I don't like horror films, I especially detest horror films that have a religious/demonic subtext. Those freak me out the most!!!!

I never liked watching animated movies as an adult -- until I met my boyfriend. Now we watch animes all the time!

I have a thing for movies from the 1980s -- the cheesier the better.

The movie I saw the most times in the theater was "Twilight." I saw it four times!!! (To be fair, I only had to pay for my ticket one of those times and I honestly don't think I would've paid for the other times.)

I have never seen a movie in the theater by myself.

One of my favorite 1980s films! "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." Awesome, awesome movie.
Do you have any confessions you feel brave enough to share?
(Doesn't have to be film related!)


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Abel said...

I can TOTALLY relate to the book thing. Since book-movies are usually not true to the books, I love being entertained by the movies, and having the extra satisfaction of reading the book.

For me, at least, it eliminates the whole anger at having left stuff out. Which I guess is why I was angry at Order of the Phoenix (which I was still reading when I saw the movie) but absolutely loved Half-Blood Prince.

Emma Jade said...

i watched twilight over and over again when it came out! This makes me feel like one of those horrible screaming girls.. its just rpatz fever!

Ana Diaz said...

I can totally relate with you and Abel about the book/movie thing. I think it's because usually how a story is told, not the story itself, is what really matters.

Also, I always find out about books through their movie adaptations, and while I can't shake feeling a little cheap about it, it's how I find some of my favorite books (like Atonement).

g2 (la pianista irlandesa) said...

I've noticed I have a particular thing about movies based off of books... I hear about a movie, find out it's based after a book, then immediately try to find the book so I can read it first. Not only do I get the original take, but in some cases it might even expose me to stuff I wouldn't normally look into.

Raquel said...

Hello, from a fellow Miamian!

I've watched Clueless about 20 times.

Watching movies in a theatre by myself is my favorite!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I'm with ya on the horror films...can't do it.
ESPECIALLY religious/demonic ones.
I love to go to the movies alone...weird. I know.