{Bloggy Award!} Ten Things I Love

One of my bestest bloggy friends, kg, gifted me with this splendiferous bloggy award:

Yay! Thanks, kg! I love your blog, too.  Apparently now I'm supposed to thank the Academy. Just kidding. What I am supposed to do is list ten things I love and pass on the bloggy award to ten awesome bloggers. So away we go...

my faves
1. le boyf. (Need I say more? :D)
2. my iPhone. (I can't -- and won't -- leave the house without it.)
3. Starbucks. (Where they really DO know me by name.)
4. my cats. (Love my furbabies.)
5. my DS lite. (Video games, only portable. Genius!)
6. frozen yogurt.(Good for the lips AND the hips. Love.)
7. Harry Potter. (Bit of an obsession, really.)
8. Twilight. (Shut up.)
9. naps. (Especially on rainy afternoons.)
10. books. (They're great company, wonderful bedfellows, and never fail to inspire me.)

my fave bloggers
1. cutie @ super secret twilight blog
2. diana @ our.city.lights
3. danielle @ dinosaur toes
4. rasha @ and this is what she said
5. chelsea rebecca @ TRIUMPHS and blunders of a KOOKY gal
6. lauren @ the little things we do...
7. jenny @ Little Jenny, Big World
8. april @ Mistress of Well Intentioned Indecision
9. micaela @ Dolce Vita
10. hannah @ Pink Chucks

 picture via we heart it

If you've been tagged above, make sure to post the ten things/bloggers you love and comment here with the link so I can read it! :D


8 comment(s):

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Too cute, thanks for tagging me!

Angela Lynn said...

Awww!!! Thank you!! =)
*sniffles* *hugs*

Micaela said...

i feel like a rock star! especially to be included in some of my favorites :) THANK YOU!!!

twilight- we're one in the same ;)

naps, how i love naps!!!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

yay, thanks for including me! i feel so special now!

regarding twilight, anyone who says they don't like it is just lying! and guys who say it's stupid are just jealous that robert pattinson is so freakin hot!

chelsea rebecca said...

you deserve it!!
and thank you so much for passing it along to me! this totally made my day!!

Vanessa said...

HP & Twilight & Furbabies & books & naps & boyfriends=love Oh! And starbucks too! Hello addiction.

Jenny☮ said...

Yay! Happiness. :)
I re-posted, of course.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I feel naked without my Iphone now. So sad. HA!