Moving Day

Apologies for the lack of interesting posts and bloggy comments this week. I've been caught up grading final exams and preparing for my classroom move. I hope to visit your blogs again this weekend! I miss reading stuff actually written by, you know, adults.

Today was the first day I was finally able to move my things from one classroom to another. Wait, that sounds misleading -- this was no cute move from one room to another just down the hall. No. This move was from the second floor of one building all the way to the third floor of another building. And did I mention that the buildings are quite a distance apart? (I would tell you the exact distance but I am lazy. Plus I suck at math.)

The worst part was that today was quite possibly the hottest, muggiest day ever. I hate sweating (crazy, I know, since I live in the tropics *shrug*), and I was sweating like mad. Thank God I had a small group of students there to help me, one of whom came at 7:30 AM on her day off just to help me. Love her. And when they left at noon, le boyf came bearing lunch and his loving, helping, lifting arms. Love him!!!

God bless the boyf. I honestly would not have gotten the move done today without his help. He lifted so many heavy boxes for me, pushed so many overflowing carts full of books for me, and all without complaining. Truly I don't appreciate my man enough.

Tomorrow begins the second phase of moving: unpacking. *groan* Oh well, I really shouldn't complain. At least I have a job! And at least I was moved to the main building. Let's hope I stay there for many, many years to come.

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Jenny☮ said...

That's one thing I do not miss about HHS. Walking from one class in the New Building to my other class near the Auditorium... *gross


Emma Jade said...

hope your new place is fabulous! Love that pic :)