10 Confessions [the work version]

Until last year, every job I've ever had never lasted longer than three years.

My first job was when I was still in high school. It was for a record store at my local mall. I was so happy when I was hired on the spot. I had this romanticized idea, you see, that it would be like the movie "Empire Records." When I realized my job was nothing like my expectations, shortly after beginning my first shift, I quit on the spot. (Yeah, I'm not proud of this, but at least I didn't stay and suffer!)

My second job was much better -- I was a copy girl at an automobile insurance company. I got to listen to middle aged women complain about their sex lives all day while I was 18 and still very much a virgin. Let's just say I learned a lot that summer.

My third job was working for the Spanish airline Iberia in Miami International Airport. I was a passenger assistant. My boss was a snooty Spanish lady who chastised me because I was Cuban and didn't speak "proper" Spanish.

My fourth job was working for a much better company in Miami International Airport, Club America. This was a lounge for VIP passengers. My job required me to announce flights, serve snacks and drinks, answer phones, and basically look pretty. This job was also a safe haven for me as I finished up my bachelor's degree in English -- I wrote a lot of essays during my downtime working there!

My fifth job was working for a private attorney who called himself a Christian man. This same man also tried to get me to stop being Catholic, telling me that praying to the Virgin Mary was just a "spiritual stop sign" keeping me from Christ. Needless to say, this job was short-lived.

My sixth job was working as a Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science teacher for grades 4-8 at a private Catholic K-8 school. I thought the private, religious atmosphere would ensure good kids. Yet I had things stolen from my classroom and a student threatened to light me on fire during my first year there.

As vicious as some of the kids at that Catholic school were, the teachers were just as bad. When they weren't "teaching" (aka asking their students to massage their shoulders or brush their hair), they were gossiping about each other and surfing the net.

My seventh and current job is working as a Language Arts teacher for grades 11-12 at a public high school. To date, it's been my best job. I've been working there for four years now, breaking my three year curse, and I hope to stay there many years more. :)

However, if I could have any job in the world, any job at all, I'd love to be a writer. Then I could stay at home all day in my jammies and do what I love best  -- what I love even more than teaching -- write.

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Do you have any confessions you feel brave enough to share? (Doesn't have to be work related!)


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Light Reflects; Wind Crashes said...

awesome! :) i envy you! you are soo lucky! (j/k...looks like you worked hard.)

Jenny☮ said...

I remember when I was in kindergarten at SJS and us girls would brush Ms. Ledesma's hair all of recess. I was a teacher's pet unknowingly, just b/c I got good grades and respected my teachers... pshh. The title followed me all of high school, too. Hahaha. I'm always friends w/ my teachers, so long as their cool. It's useless if their easy graders... where's the challenge?!

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad after all that, you've found a job you love! Writing sounds like a fabulous dream that you should definitely follow!

Malia said...

I'm not crazy about my job now, but I know it allows me to go to grad school so for that I am grateful.

All your stories remind of the ridic stories of my own working experiences...

One thing I will cop to is sleeping on the job but I won't go into details :)