I first heard about the artisan gypsywings from the Twilight Moms. They were the first ones to report last summer when Ashley Greene was spotted wearing one of her pieces, a butterfly pendant (picture at your left). I was curious, because I adore butterflies and Ashley Greene, who I think has an incredible sense of style, so I moseyed on over to her Etsy shop.

It was love at first sight!

Not only does gypsywings, AKA, Georgia create beyond-beautiful jewelry, but she is also a gifted photographer. After visiting two locations from the Twilight novel, Forks and LaPush (where she collected several sea stones to craft her rings), she took pictures like the one below:

Georgia writes about her experience taking this picture:

Recently while on a vacation with friends, I was able to visit Forks Washington and some of the other locations in the Twilight book series. Early one morning I went out and snapped this photo of the woods, while the fog was still hanging low in the air. It looks exactly as I had imagined the scenery to look as I read the books.
I have to say, it does look exactly as I imagine the scenery in Twilight to look! You can purchase this high quality photograph along with several others from her trip to Forks at her store.

Here are some more pictures of her work. Below each picture is a description of the piece from Georgia. These are all items I've ordered and am now currently awaiting with bated breath... ;)

"I shook the little golden locket into his palm. It was round with a slender vine border carved around the outside edge of the circle. Edward popped the tiny catch and looked inside. There was space for a small picture and, on the opposite side, an inscription in French.

"Do you know what this says?" he asked...

"The shopkeeper told me is said something along the lines of 'more than my own life'. Is that right?"

"Yes, he had it right."

From Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I am a fan of art and jewelry that has meaning, and when I read this part of Breaking Dawn it really stuck with me. I LOVE what it means, More Than My Own Life. What a beautiful sentiment. It would make the perfect gift for a loved one in your life, or your favorite Twilight fan.

I handcrafted this necklace by stamping the words onto a 1 inch disk of copper. Then I made 2 small charms of copper wire, and little shimmering iridescent glass crystal beads. The beads glitter just like Bella in the sunlight after she has been changed :) The necklace is on an 18 inch copper chain.

This pendant is made from the fore wing of a Tree Nymph Butterfly (Idea Leucone). The Tree Nymph Butterfly is a black, white and yellow butterfly that also goes under the names Rice Paper Butterfly, Paper Kite Butterfly and Wood Nymph. The Tree Nymph Butterfly originates from Southeast Asia.

To see photo's of this butterfly go here:

Don't worry, no butterflies were harmed in the making of this pendant. Every butterfly I use is raised on farms and collected only after they expire naturally.

This pendant is is lovely in its simplicity. The wing is so delicate looking, almost translucent. The black and white design has the slightest hint of yellow near the top. Because of its simplicity it can be worn with just about anything. Dressed down with jeans, or worn with your little black dress it will be stunning. The pendant comes on an 18 inch Sterling Plated chain so it is ready to wear!

This pendant is made from the hind wing of a Green Page Moth (Urania Leilus), also known as a Duck tail Moth. Do not worry, I did not kill this beauty to make this pendant. His wings were collected after he expired naturally. No insects were harmed in the making of this pendant! ;)

The Green Page is a day flying moth and is migratory.

See pictures, and learn about this moth here:

I am just in love with the shimmery metallic turquoise, the green and yellow splashes, and the bands of black in this pendant. And look at how the wing dips down into a long tail. I made this pendant two sided because I could not decide which side was more amazing... I mean REALLY! Look at them!


A note about Georgia's pieces:
They are each one-of-a-kind, completely handcrafted. Not everything you see above may be available for sale at the moment, but if you see something you love, both in this post and in her site, let her know in a comment on her profile that you are interested. She's very helpful to her customers and a pleasure to work with. :)

  • To learn more about Georgia, read the Twilight Moms' profile of her.
  • To buy her pretty things, visit her Etsy store.

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