Thank you, Ingrid, for giving me Anthony Bourdain! (Wait, that doesn't sound right...)

I came home last Friday to a very happy surprise in my mailbox... an autographed picture of Anthony Bourdain! Thank you, Ingrid! :-D Ingrid works for the Travel Channel, and she had gotten in touch with me a couple of months ago asking if I wouldn't mind writing posts about Bourdain's show, "No Reservations." As this is something I kinda sorta did anyways, I said sure. We have Ingrid to thank for the cool preview videos I get before the shows air, and now I am doubly grateful to her for this picture of Bourdain. I am one of Anthony Bourdain's biggest fans (as if you couldn't tell), both of his books and his show. Heck, I even bought his Les Halles recipe book and I can't even cook! But the boyf can, so at least he can put it to good use.

Here are some pictures of me with the picture:

Ignore the shiny monstrosity that is my pre-makeup face.

Here is a close-up so you can see his autograph. I wonder where the picture was taken?

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Hannahkin said...

total awesomeness! you look pretty pre-make-up, friend :) i'm so low maintenance that i don't even bother with make-up - it's not allowed at school anyways, and it's terribly expensive - so you ALWAYS look better than me!! :)

i'm sitting in my dining room and i can see a beeg spider sitting close to me. that made me think of you :)

Busy Bee Lauren said...

You are so beautiful! Seriously. So beautiful.

How sweet of Ingrid to send you that! Are you going to frame it?!

Unknown said...

Aw, thank you, Hannahkins & Lar-Lar! I went to a strict private school growing up that didn't allow make-up either, so I think my total fascination with it now is a direct result of that. :p

And ew, get that beeg spider away! :0

Anonymous said...

You are more than welcome! You look so natural with that photo in hand, and I don't even mean the pre-make-up!

I'm really happy that you enjoy it, makes my job and my days much more fun.


Indyeah said...

Congratulations!:D...and yeah agree with your are looking good!:)what an awesome friend to get that for you!Enjoy!your smile says it all!:)