On Rain & Why "ME" Time is Necessary

Normally, I detest the rain. I have an almost cat-like abhorrence of moisture (outside of the shower, of course), hating it for the way it makes my hair frizz (which I regularly torture with blow dryer and straightening iron to remove all evidence of curl), hating it for the way it makes my skin feel sticky and clammy, hating it for the muddy puddles that dirty my pant hems. Rain = Ew.

And rain in Miami is usually not a pretty thing. The humidity is already bad enough, goodness knows. Rain just makes it that much worse.

However, there are certain days, like today, when the rain isn't that bad. There's a cold front passing through, for one, so the humidity isn't as rampant as usual. Plus something about the gray sky and chilly weather is terribly romantic. Perfect for curling up at home with a cup of coffee, like I am with my White Chocolate Mocha right now. Then the rain doesn't feel quite so oppressive.

Well, this is going to have to be a quick post because I needed to be getting ready five minutes ago. The boyf and I are going on a date, making the most of tonight because tomorrow night he's attending a bachelor party for a friend of ours who's getting married in a month.

I must confess I'm not as sad as I thought I would be at the prospect of a boyfriend-less Saturday night. Truthfully, I need the time -- to grade papers and catch up with my work, to study for some educator exams I am taking next month, and just to unwind. I'm a firm believer in "ME time." Even couples need time apart every now and then, to recharge the batteries, if you will.

Have a great weekend, everybody! Hope you enjoy some ME time, too. :-D

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Hannahkin said...

aaaah. you know i pretty much detest the rain, too, for pretty much the same kind of reasons you do. (humidity is the pits!) but i've had a couple of those days... Thursday was one of them for me. too bad i had to go to school and get PILES of homework before coming home to DO the piles of homework... resulting, of course, in not getting my wish to just curl up on the couch with a book and a cup of hot chocolate. *sigh*

HAPPY WEEKEND! i hope you had a great date :)

Anonymous said...

If you detest rain, be glad you don't live in Vancouver. ;)

Indyeah said...

I am not a big lover of rains myself....though as you said it does get romantic from time to time..:D

I raed your story of how you two met:)
What a beautiful heartw arming tale !!:) and Neruda?OH my!thsi indeed is the real deal:)enjoy your weekend