No Reservations: Washington, D.C.

I have some more news about "No Reservations" to report! Tonight's episode takes place in Washington, D.C. Here's what Ingrid has to say about it:
In the next episode of No Reservations, Tony heads out to explore the city of contrasts – democrat vs. republican, affluent vs. poor, visible vs. invisible. His visit to Washington D.C. doesn't stop at the U-Street Corridor, the International Spy Museum, nor the D.C. Central Kitchen – he also makes his way to hotspots in the outlying areas of Arlington and Falls Church.

The DC episode is unique for a number of reasons; he finds pleasure dining at the home of the world's greatest chili dogs (Tony agrees), where President-elect Obama just visited, digs deep into the spectrum that is D.C., home to dozens of different cultures and languages, and meets a number of interesting famous and non-famous people along the way. In my opinion, it's always great to see Tony in America, exploring cities that we all know and allowing us to see them in a different light. The best part for me – he eats my all-time favorite dish, Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs.

The all-new episode airs Monday, January 19th at 10pm on the Travel Channel.
That's today, folks! I kinda sorta cheated and saw it already on On Demand. Heh heh. But it is awesome and a must-see, so check it out! Here's sneak peak to whet your appetite:

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Abel said...

I can't wait to see this episode, especially because I love that whole DC/Virginia area; Falls Church in particular, which was mentioned above and where I stayed when I went. It's so much more beautiful than Hialeah!

By the way, when you refer to On Demand, is it Comcast On Demand you are referring to?

Unknown said...

Yep, it's in the Comcast On Demand. I saw it last Sunday and I think they update their listings every Saturday, so you might want to check and see if they still have it. Or you can just wait till 10 PM. ;p

Khaled KEM said...

Very nice blog. I like your style in writing your posts.

I shall come back to visit.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Khaled! :)