I'm Tropic-Ana ... Get it? Get it? Cus I was born in the tropics, and my name is ... Oh, forget it.

Yesterday, when the newly inaugurated (how sweet it is...) President Obama and his wife were walking in the parade, Al Roker was practically jumping up and down, hoping and praying for the opportunity to get his first presidential interview (but possibly also trying to keep warm -- Washington, D.C. was really cold yesterday!).

As Obama and his wife came closer, Al Roker's excitement grew exponentially. As luck would have it, just as they were passing, a satellite van (irony of ironies!) passed in front of where Roker was standing behind the enclosure. Not one to be stymied by this, he started shouting at the top of his lungs: "MR. PRESIDENT!"

Obama looked right at him and smiled, and after seeing who it was, he said, and I quote: "It's warm."

Never let it be said that our new President does not have a sense of humor. True, our previous president had a sense of humor, too -- one akin to a frat boy's. But the past is the past. Time to focus on the present.

Speaking of present, I am freezing my butt off today, despite the fact that I'm wearing three layers and my heaviest coat. Yes, I'm still in Miami. It is bitter cold today. If it's in the 50's at all right now, it's the low 50's.

Some of my readers up north or in more frigid parts of the world are no doubt laughing at me right now, but let me remind you that I am a tropical baby who's never even seen snow. This is cold for me. I got a new microwave in my classroom, and I can't wait to buy some hot choc packets so I can make me some and not be so gosh darn cold.

Before I close, I just wanted to give a shout-out to my bloggy friend, Hannakin, who turns Sweet-Sixteen today! Yay, Hannahkins! Go and give her some love, why don'cha.

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Busy Bee Lauren said...

I am cold too! And I am in 60 degree weather. Ugh...I hate winter!

Yay for Hannah!

My Castle in Spain said...

and...do you believe me if i tell you we're also freezing here in Andalusia !

keep warm and enjoy the day..

Chell said...

I got it :)

I will definitely be heading over to my sweet fellow South Africans blog to give her some love :)

Hannahkin said...

Tropic-Ana! you're TOTALLY the best!! sorry that i didn't see this before - sometimes you're too fast for me and i miss posts :) i just happened to spot my name in big pink letters while scrolling down on your page to look for your playlist, though, and i had a mini heart attack! thanks for the mention, i feel honoured :)

Ana and Lauren, you should totally come visit me now... we're in the heart of summer and sweating like pigs. it was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit today... such fun! i love summer :)

thanks again, Ana! i feel so warm and fuzzy :)