These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

I did a Favorite Things post last month, and found it oodles of fun, so I'm back for more! :D

Sometimes I fall madly in love with a song and cannot stop listening to it for the life of me. I think repeat mode must have been invented personally for me. I know my iPod probably wants to strangle me by now. The song I currently can't stop listening to? "Bones" by The Editors. The boyf says they're a derivative band and unoriginal in general, but I disagree. The lead singer's voice is really intense and the guitars in their music are so driven. Here's the video for this, my current favorite-favorite song:

What, you ask, is Nutella? Oh, reader, you don't know what you've been missing... It's this hazelnut spread that makes peanut-butter seem bland by comparison. Which is saying something, because I love peanut-butter!


V for Vendetta
(the graphic novel, not the film ... although the film's a'ight.)

Blame the boyf for getting me into comic books. Because of him, I read Watchmen, which I really, really enjoyed, and subsequently became a fan of the genre as well as of Alan Moore's work. The boyf and I gifted each other with V for Vendetta (for me) and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (for him) this Christmas. I'm loving what I'm reading so far of V. It's even better than the film, and I think it only makes me that much more nervous about the "Watchmen" film, which keeps getting delayed (grr).


PixelJunk Monsters
This game is seriously addictive. Like Srsly Seriously. What's that you say? You actually don't know what PixelJunk Monsters is? This is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

Gameplay in PixelJunk Monsters borrows similarities from various tower defense titles. The objective is to build defense towers along the enemies' path to keep them from reaching a hut, or base. Several small creatures dwell at the base. For each enemy that survives the defense towers and reaches the hut, one creature is killed. If all creatures are wiped out, the level is failed.
It's such a great feeling when you finish a level with 100% of your creatures intact. Plus I've got a bit of a competitive nature, so this feeds right into that for me! It's currently available for sale online through the Sony PS3 store. Here's a picture of what the game looks like in action:


Marguerite Sauvage

I first heard of the French artist Marguerite Sauvage because of the illustrations she made for the Nancy Drew series, which I quite enjoyed as a young girl. I think her work is so beautiful. It's like poetry in color. I love reading her blog, too, as it helps me practice my French, plus she often posts new illustrations.


You know you want it. (I know I certainly do!) I can't wait for this week to be over. It's been the longest week EVER. Probably because it was the first time I'd been to work in two weeks. I don't know. All I know is that I am going to appreciate Saturday morning for all it's worth!


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Jenny☮ said...

I love sleep, too.
Now, if only I could get some... *sigh*

Unknown said...

You and me both, kid.

Hannahkin said...

oooh, Nutella! i'm such a fan :) sleep is also good, though... wow. i want to go check out Marguerite Sauvage now :)