No Reservations: Disappearing Manhattan

Happy Monday! :-) Yes, I know, that is practically a contradiction in terms, but still. And hey, at least we have something to be happy about on a Monday -- a new episode of "No Reservations!"

Tonight, Anthony Bourdain goes back to his roots: New York City, Manhattan. This is where he grew up as a teenager, and the purpose of his trip back home is to revisit some old haunts, a few of which are no longer open and some of which, as Ingrid puts it, hanging on "by a thread."

Ingrid also had this to say about tonight's show:
In this episode titled DISAPPEARING MANHATTAN, Tony and some notable guests visit some of the oldest, most classic, and undoubtedly-NY restaurants. These cherished landmarks, such as Katz's Deli, Russ & Daughters, Hop Kee, and Sammy's Romanian, have become the heart and soul of this great city and its proud and honorable culinary history rich with cultural and ethnic diversity. Unfortunately, due to the changing times, these establishments are in danger of disappearing off the NYC cultural map. Tony refers to this beautiful episode as his love song to the great city of New York.
This episode strikes a personal chord with me because I keep seeing all these great local restaurants and businesses closing shop for good, victims of our flagging economy. It makes me sad. Even businesses that have been around since I could remember aren't surviving, like the electronics store near my house, Circuit City.

Tonight's episode makes me want to revisit some of my own haunts. Perhaps I'll do my own version, and call it "Disappearing Miami."

Be sure to watch Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Disappearing Manhattan tonight, February 23 at 10pm EST on the Travel Channel.

Bourdain wrote a brilliant blog post on this trip here, and you can view a sneak peak of tonight's episode below.

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Indyeah said...

I havent been able to catch his show lately..:(
will try to ,now that you have almost ordered us to go and see it..:D

take care and love

TLC said...

Yes, it is so sad to see all these lovely shops going away.

Where I live, our main street is the border for TN/VA. So, the whole saying "two places at once" can happen in my hometown state street.

It's a beautiful little main street and i was down there just the other day and noticed stores that had been there since the early 50's had closed. It broke my heart.

I've never seen that show but i'll have to check it out! Hope you had a good weekend!

Eric Rountree said...

Hola, Ana Cristina. I'm now following your blog, too. How did you find mine? I'd be curious to know. I love your color scheme and background here. It's purdy. Thanks for posting that video clip. I've never seen "No Reservations" but it looks like a neat show. And I didn't know Bourdain was from New York. I thought he was a French chef. Ha. I'm so newbie...

Unknown said...

Hey Eric!

I found your blog either on Protag or through Marc's. Not sure...

I believe Bourdain's parents were French, but he's a born-and-bred New Yorker. :p