Why I can't wait for Friday

Friday is going to be awesome for many reasons:

1. No school for students, as it is a "Professional Development Day," with meetings for teachers lasting from 9-10:30 AM.

2. I do not have to wake up at 5:30 AM. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

3. I can take my leisurely time going to work, maybe even passing by my dealer on the way.

4. Teachers are free to "plan" after 10:30 (we all know what "plan" means ... right?).

5. Ricky has the day free and can spend it with me.

6. The weather is forecast to be de-lovely, with temperatures hovering in the 60's - 70's.

7. And the #7 reason, the reason why I really, really, really can't wait for Friday? It's because this comes out! Squee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OrangeOreos said...

Holy crap! I completely forgot that Coraline comes out Friday!!! And we have no school, too! I think this Friday is going to be awesome all over the country...

Abel said...

I have to go on a compulsory field trip for psychology on my day off D: that lasts longer than the actual school day!

What a gyp. But at least there's Coraline to see in the PM.

Hannahkin said...

i guess i must have been hiding under a rock when they announced that Coraline was being made into a movie. i may have heard vague whispers about it... but i forgot again!! that's SO exciting :) of course, it'll only come to South Africa in June if i know our movie theatres well... but that's okay. i can deal.

i wake up at 5:30 AM every morning, too, so i can DEFINITELY see the joy in not having to! :) and i hope you have an uh-MAY-zin' day!! sounds like fun :)

i'm looking forward to Friday because it's the end of the week... and i start ballroom lessons!

Hannahkin said...

hee hee... there's a song that a couple of local artists (have you heard of Johnny Clegg?) made a few years ago here in SA, called "Woza Friday". "Woza" means "come" in Zulu... it has become my anthem many a time!! :)

Indyeah said...

Most of the reaons for Hurrah Friday apply here too:)

speacially the not waking up at 5:30 part!:D
And Coraline should be here too in a few days..lets see..looking forward to it..:)
enjoy yourself!
have a fun friday!

Busy Bee Lauren said...

Yay! I can't wait for Friday, either! That's the big birthday day!