Where does the phrase "under the weather" come from, anyways?!

So last night was very relaxing. Ricky and I stayed indoors, ordering in from Outback (seems I got my steak after all :D) and watching a film, "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow." Originally, I'd brought over "Pride & Prejudice" to watch, figuring it was perfect for Valentine's Day, but I'm glad we saw "Sky Captain" instead. It's a throw-back to the films of the silver-screen era, with several homages to "King Kong" and other films from that time period. A silly, little fluff-piece of a film, but tons of fun all the same.

I was so worried over whether the boyf would like my mixtape or not, but he did, he did! :-) Oh, happy day. He gifted me with a sweet-sweet card and beautiful tulips, pink and red. Tulips are my favorite flower, so this just about made my month.

I'm so happy I don't have to go to work tomorrow. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather and looking forward to sleeping in again tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who wished me to get well soon in the comments! :-)

In closing, I want to share something I wrote on Protagonize yesterday. It's a brief little snippet of a Valentine's Day verse that came out of the blue. Let me know how you like it. :-)

Pas de deux
Halfway between memorizing the topography of your skin --
This hillock of knee, those winding roads of your arms,
The raised veins like rivers at the confluence of your wrist,
I feel my heart flutter, like a white flag waving
Over the battlements of my last doubts.

So this is what happens when the mirage takes hold,
And the phantom fantasy comes to life;
When the whole of love opens wide:
I enter with eyes closed and heart open,
Ready for the thrill and kill of desire

But these hands are whispering promises
I am half-afraid to keep.
Your hand slides over mine in a clumsy pas de deux
And I open my eyes again and smile,
Watching the lightning flash of awareness
Catch fire in your eyes.

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Ann Marie said...

Tulips, letter and steak = Awesome!
Sorry you still don't feel well.
Nasty flu...
I hope you get the extra rest today!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Ann! :)

Marc said...



(check the comments)

Unknown said...

Whoa, cool! Thanks for asking on my behalf, Marc! :)