These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

crème brulée
If you've never had this dish, you don't know what you're missing! It's my very favorite dessert despite the fact that it has absolutely no chocolate in it, which is saying something because I am a Class-A Chocoholic. It's a custard topped with a layer of burnt sugar that is ever-so-fun to crack with your spoon, as portrayed in the French film Amelie. Every time I go to my favorite restaurant, Les Halles, I order it. Try it, you won't be disappointed. Trust me.

A Fine Frenzy

I discovered this singer on Amazon, thanks to the recommendations they do on that website now. I was looking for a song by another artist and when they suggested I give A Fine Frenzy a listen, I said all right.

I wound up buying the album that same day! Her voice is honey-dripping sweet and her lyrics are profound. Here's my favorite song of hers:

Come On, Come Out - A Fine Frenzy

The Bird and the Bee
Yet another musical act I recently discovered (what can I say, it's been a musical month thus far). I first heard about this band from the crazy, crazy show "Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job." No, I'm not making that name up. It plays on Adult Swim, and it's the most bizarre, disgusting, hilarious show I've ever seen.

As for the band, they are really trippy and sound like they just stepped out of the sixties. I love their beats and this band really knows how to harmonize. If you like Radiohead and Imogen Heap, you'll like The Bird and the Bee. This song is one of their best:

Polite Dance Song - the bird and the bee

I have to wash my hair at least every two days, as it gets quite greasy and I wind up resembling a drowned rat if I don't. Not pretty. Unfortunately, my hair is not of the wash-and-go variety. If I don't style it, I wind up looking like an electrified poodle, which is waaaaaaay scarier-looking than a drowned rat, believe you me. So I go through the blow-dry and straightening iron ritual at least twice a week. Quite a work-out! As a result, the ends of my hair can get a wee bit scraggly and prone to knots. This deep conditioning treatment by Ojon is a must for girls with "artificially straight" hair. It leaves your hair silky smooth, and ever since I started using it once a month, I've noticed that my hair no longer frizzes as much. A must-buy!

Do you twitter? I do. It's heaps of fun. I don't know what makes it so addictive, but I love finding out what my friends are up to and letting them know what I am up to. Plus, you can find the twitter feeds of famous people if you look hard enough, like Neil Gaiman and Kristen Stewart and countless others. I'm not nearly as famous or cool as those two, but you can follow me, if you like. :)

8 comment(s):

Ann Marie said...

I love your list!
I need to try that Dessert. I hear loads of people love it.. What am I waiting for?
I honetly am amazed at how you teach, grade, run 2 blogs, be in a relationship,and do all sorts of extras like twitter..amazing!

Unknown said...

It's a three-ring circus, I'm not going to lie, Ann. But it's also fun. Even in high school I was always in a thousand clubs. I'm the kind of person who's happiest when busiest, I guess. :-D

And yes, you do need to try that dessert. It is to die for.

OrangeOreos said...

Yeah, Amelie! I can't wait until I finally understand enough French to understand it without subtitles...
And I really want to try creme brulee, now...

Abel said...

I have to agree with the favorite dessert, as it's mine, too! Actually, I tend to favour the crema catalana, but that's essentially the same and it's the one I know how to make, lol.

ElshaHawk said...

are you copying me? I just made a list of my favorites... ;)
I also am looking forward to those movies. Always been a big Potter fan.

Indyeah said...

I love that dessert too!Its mouthwatering!:)

and have to hear this singer now..
aM sure she'll be good if you have heard her..:)
I am way behind times...have an account and dont twitter...will try and do now..

lovely list:)

Nancy Face said...

Now I want creme brulee for BREAKFAST! ;)

Marc said...

Amelie is great - my girlfriend's fav movie. Pretty sure it was the first movie we watched together.

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of A Fine Frenzy - always on the lookout for good tunes :)