of mixCD's & valentines...

So last night, we celebrated Valentine's Day, my valentine and I. Originally, the boyf said he was going to take me to an Argentinian steakhouse called "Beefeater." Reader, I squeed on the inside when I first heard the name. And not in a good way. But I had faith, because I know my boyf has good taste (hello - he picked me - just kidding! - kinda...), so I went in with full faith.

Then while I was in the salon yesterday afternoon with a friend from work, the two of us getting prettified, I got a text from the boyf saying he'd made reservations for 8:30 PM at a surprise restaurant.


He refused to tell me where, breaking down only later and confessing it was an Italian restaurant.

"But you don't like Italian!" I protested, to which he replied, "But you do."

Oh my dear, sweet boyf... His selflessness still amazes me every day more and more.

The restaurant was this pretty little Italian "ristorante" named Mama Mia. You can view its website and see pictures of it here. Yes, I took my camera with me and was full prepared to take pictures, but since I am currently suffering from the plague (i.e., the flu), and had dissolved into a sneezing, coughing mess as the night wore on, I didn't bother taking any pictures, because I would've looked like this:

Not pretty, I know. So instead, I will grace your eyes with the loveliness that is my boyf instead:

Ah, that's better.

Unfortunately, my sickness prevents us from spending our weekend together at the beach like we wanted to. Ricky was still thinking we should go, but I don't want him getting sick, too, as I'm feeling pretty wretched. So I slept in my own bed last night, sleeping 14 hours (!). And today we will probably just hang out together at his place and maybe catch a nice, relaxing dinner somewhere we don't have to wait 5 hours for - hence why we chose to celebrate V-Day last night.

For Valentine's this year, we decided not to buy each other anything and make home-spun gifts instead. Cheaper + Thoughtful = FTW.

I kinda sorta cheated in that I bought him a card, but I figure that's not a big deal as it cost only a few bucks. In addition, I made him a mixCD as per my earlier plan. It's made up of songs that chronicle our time together, songs that mean something to us. And by the way, the number of songs happened in a great, kismet kind of way. I needed to choose enough songs to fill up an hour's worth, and when I finally reached the exact number of time I needed, I noticed how many tracks were on the CD and just had to laugh.

The CD has 14 tracks. :-)

Here are the songs:

1. "Hit" by The Sugarcubes
2. "Kelly Watch the Stars" by Air
3. "The First Taste" by Fiona Apple
4. "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)" by Talking Heads
5. "A Waltz for a Night" by Julie Delpy
6. "This Is Love" by PJ Harvey
7. "City of Blinding Lights" by U2
8. "Chicago" by Sufjan Stevens
9. "This Strange Effect" by Hooverphonic
10. "Locket Love" by The Ramones
11. "En Tus Pupilas" by Shakira
12. "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi" by Radiohead
13. "Amazing Life" by Jem
14. "Our Song" by Shinichi Osawa

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Majtolina said...

me likey this mix :)As I already said very good idea...hope he likes it...and I hope you get better soon...I have been coughing a lot lately, but who can blame me...when it is really cold in the morning and they say tomorrow even snow again..I will try to get my blog more effective these days...you and Cheeky J inspired me...Take care...And Happy Valentine's Day :)

Unknown said...

Hope you feel better, Maja! And may you and your valentine have a great day. :)

OrangeOreos said...

Aw, I hope you get better, Ana!

Indyeah said...

happy Valentine's day to you and your BoyF:)


And yeah picked you so great taste..:)

all the songs are beautiful specially Julie delpy's :)
Hope you had a great time with him...
and oh thank you for your wishes..:)

Ann Marie said...

Wow! Despite the sickies, it sounds like you had a good day!

I LOVE-LOVE that he took you to where you love to eat.. That's a good guy!~ So sweet!

Good mix- ( what I know of it )
I havent heard that Talking Heads song forever.. :)
Get some rest girlfriend...

Stacey said...

I'm sorry you had the sickies. So sweet of your bf to take you somewhere you love to eat! I hope you are feeling better. :)