That's cold ... Ice cold.

So I wake up today and guess what, guess what? It's 30 degrees.

When I left the house at 7 AM, the temperature went up a measly 2 degrees. Believe me when I say, you couldn't tell the difference.

The funny thing is, while my body recognizes it's cold and shivers appropriately, I still remember the cold I felt in Tokyo last April. It was much colder then. I still remember that cold in my bones and know that even this chill doesn't come close.

Speaking of cold, celebrities have recently felt the need to vent their frustrations in a very, um, non-polite way:

I'm surprised about Stephen King going there, but not really that surprised about Christian Bale. He's been sipping the krazy kool-aid for a while now.

In other news, my brand-spanking-new laptop arrived yesterday! It's a Toshiba satellite something-or-other (a bunch of numbers-gibberish that basically mean it pwns my old computer). If you want to see it, go here. I ordered it from Amazon and was pleased to find that it was much cheaper than if I bought it, say, in Best Buy, plus it shipped really quickly, too.

Of course, it cost more than half of one of my teacher paychecks, but hey, at least it's pretty and pretty damn fast. ;)

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OrangeOreos said...

Wootness for new computers!! :D
And guess how warm it is up North here??? I think in the morning it was below zero degress... farenheit. :P

And I know I'm going to possibly be murdered in my sleep for this... But I don't particularly like Meyer's writing, either...

Unknown said...

And I know I'm going to possibly be murdered in my sleep for this... But I don't particularly like Meyer's writing, either...

*Rescinds your friend card*

Nah, just kidding ... kinda. ;)

Ann Marie said...

Ok.... I now have a BIG problem with Stephen King. I admit, I like his old stories, but he's just jealous because he isn't writing like he used to. She's moved into the "Author Kingdom" as queen, and he is now a gargoyle(sp?) on the wall. Timeless, but ancient news..
Everyone can have an opinion, but I think he's just mad that he didn't think of the Vampire concept first!

To all of those who don't think Meyer is a good writer-- it is a matter of individual opinion, but I find it funny... Sorry but the #'s around the world prove it. I HATED reading, and I'm soon to be 40 in 5 years ( not young adult like I wish.. )-- and she had me wipping through thousands of pages in a week. 3 books! ~ And I am not the only one... Whether or not people love the story, her way of writing is like a drug addiction.. You don't want to stop!! Besides Rowling, I have yet to see many authors do that..

Sorry for my rant. I will defend Meyer and Twilight to my death. :)

Unknown said...

Ann, you took the words right out of my mouth. I will defend "Twilight" till I'm blue in the face because I've seen firsthand how it has inspired teenagers to read. Students who used to be proud about the fact that they had never read a novel are now reading "Wuthering Heights" and "Pride and Prejudice" because of "Twilight." So there, Stephen King!

Nancy Face said...

Stephen King is full of poop. That's all I have to say about him! ;)

Yay for your new laptop! :D

Hannahkin said...

*laughs* in SA, we talk in degrees Celsius, so i was thinking, "30 degrees is HOTTTT with FOUR Ts!! what is Ana talking about??!" ..and then i got it. heh.

sheesh about the Stephen King thing. it's funny, because when i heard that Twilight was becoming a world phenomenon, i was cross- not because i didn't LOVE the series (you should all know that i do, wholeheartedly) but because i'm jealous and mean with things that i cherish and didn't want the entire world reading books that i hold so dear to me. let me explain. when a book or series like Twilight (or Harry Potter, for that matter) reaches cult-like popularity, the books seem to lose credibility for their actual amazingness(for lack of a better word!) and become just another "thing". strange how it happens, isn't it? i was talking to a really close friend of mine who has a deep appreciation for good literature the other day, and she mentioned that she hadn't read Twilight. i told her that i had read the entire series, as well as The Host, and she asked me for my honest opinion. i didn't hesitate in telling her how much i loved Stephenie's writing, and she then said she was curious to read them, but was hesitant simply because of the whole "phenomenon" around them. it was exactly what i was worried about when i first heard of Twilight's growing fanbase - the books have lost the label of "decent literature" simply because EVERYONE has read them. the more people who read them, the more the series suffers amongst the "literati" snobs, which is sort-of sad because it's preventing people with good taste from reading the books. (even though they shouldn't be listening to the snobs... but whatev.)

that's my rant for the day :)