Luck of the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In honor of this day, I will write all in green font! :-D

Yesterday I took my Professional Educator's Certification Exam and tomorrow, Wednesday, I will be taking the English Educator's Certification Exam. You need a 270 to pass and I got a 295 on the Professional Educator's Exam, which hopefully means I passed, but I need to wait and see the score I got for the essay... I feel like I passed, but I don't want to get my hopes up just in case!!!

So hopefully tomorrow I will have the luck of the Irish with me as I take my remaining exam. I have all of this afternoon and evening to study. Send me good thoughts around 1:30 PM EST tomorrow -- I'll need it!

P.S.) Why is it called the Luck of the Irish? Is it just because of leprechauns and shamrocks? Because I don't think it's entirely fair that the Irish have sole possession of all luck.... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Wish you the best of leprechauns oops luck, Ana! I'll send some vibes there at 1.30 tomorrow... and congrats on the 290:)

Indyeah said...

Happy St Patrick's Day!:)
Are you irish ?just curious:)The green colours is nice:)
and Congratulatins on that amazing score:)
All the very best for the results and tmrw's test:)
you will ace it;)!

yeah you will have all the irish luck :)
and the LOLcat pic is so funny:D
thanks for the link:)
love:)and take care:)

Unknown said...

Thanks, girls!
And Indyeah, nope, not Irish. My parents are both Cuban and I've got Spanish and French ancestry, but as far as I know, no leprechauns in my background. :)

ElshaHawk said...

I wore green, yes I did.
I think there MUST be leprechauns in my background somewhere.. I think I'm a half-breed, lol.