I got this idea for this post where I always get my best ideas -- in bed, as I was drifting off to sleep. Happily, I actually remembered it when I woke up this morning. ;)

Here are some of my darkest and deepest confessions (OK, maybe not the darkest and deepest, but still!).

* I am finally learning to drive at the ripe old age of 30. I hope to try for my license next month.

* I hate dancing and do not have one coordinated limb in my body.

* I prefer showers with mostly hot water -- hot as I can stand it. I know it's not good for my skin, but I find it relaxes me.

* I love those little trail mix bags, but invariably I will end up eating everything but the raisins, picking out the M&M's and cashews first. ;)

* Sometimes I like the movie over the book.

* I have never seen snow -- I freeze in 50 degree weather.

* I used to hate my full name as a child but have grown to like it.

* I think I am more afraid of giving birth than of dying.

* I need to read at least a passage of a book before I can go to sleep comfortably each night.

* I own too many DVD's, some of which are still in their individual wrappers. But I can't stop the compulsion to pick one up every time I see the bargain bin.

* I shoplifted once when I was 8 -- it was a sticker of Mickey Mouse and I swiped it from a kiosk in the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL. To this day, remembering that still gives me stomach pains. :-/

* You know how they say teachers should never play favorites with their students? Well, I have had favorite students. I try hard to treat them equally, but I'm worried it shows all the same.

* My "biological clock" started ticking this year. Every time I pass a particularly cute baby, I have this deep-rooted feeling I can only describe as a yearning.

* I have crap for memory and sometimes give my students private nicknames to help me remember their names.

* Sometimes I feel like leaving everything behind and starting life over somewhere else.

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ElshaHawk said...

what is it about girls and stickers? I took some when i was little too.

ApplesnFeathers-Susie said...

I have to say that I also am a compulsive movie shopper! If I don't have the money to splurge, the roomie MUST come with me or I'll shop till I drop..or overdraw my bank account lol

Hannahkin said...

okay, first off - YAY for the Snoopy Dance! i heart Peanuts long LONG time.

2nd. omiword, you and i are TWINS in so many ways. i'm not allowed to drive yet, so that confession can be excused. complete lack of skillz in the dancing area? check. *although i LOVED taking ballroom dance class, me and my partner were complete klutzes. it was still fun though. while it lasted :P* hothothot showers? check. eating out all the good stuff from trail mix and leaving raisins(and peanuts)? check. *i hate when everything starts tasting like peanuts. eeuw.* sometimes preferring the movie? check. *Princess Diaries, anyone? classic example.* not being able to survive in the cold? check. *it is winter here. i am DYING and we live in one of the warmest places in the country. no lie.* being terrified of childbirth? heck to the check. reading before sleeping? check. buying too many DVDs? check. shoplifting when little? check. *i can't remember what it was. i think a candy or something. but still.* playing favourites? check. *my mom teaches Gr1 and her kids are darling... but i invariably ALWAYS have a favourite. he is ALWAYS a boy. it's rather funny but not very good of me. poor other children...* private nicknamez? ALWAYS check. getting away? yup.

yer confessions aren't that terrible, dearest! :) also, i am in awe. i think i am in love with your new little linky-thing to your Twi-blog! gaaaah! so amazing it is! :)

thanks for this, it was so great to get my mind off stuff and laugh! (and laugh i did ;) ) awesome-oh.

Hannahkin said...

the linky-thing makes me think of a comic book. i don't know why, but me likey anyway!

Ann Marie said...

I love your confessions! :)

Sometimes I like the movie over the book.. So true! It can happen!
Notebook, My sisters Keeper...

You would be a good Mother! I was scared to death of having children because I HATE hospitals.. but I made it 3 times! :)My children are by far my greatest achievments!

For some reason, my computer doesn't like youe site. Everytime I come here now, it says that it can't open your page and then aborts it. Crazy stuff. I'll have to have Chad see why. Maybe because I have a dinosaur for a laptop?

Anonymous said...

That was fun to read :D

I can't believe you haven't seen snow!! Aaaah. I miss it so much while living here in Singapore where it's constantly summertime.

And you have no idea how many times of thought of leaving everything behind and starting anew. Really. I think a lot of people think about that sometimes.

Anyway, loved it! Snoopy dance ftw XD.

Abel said...

LOL! The nicknames part reminded me of a recent episode of The Office when Michael was on a lecture circuit to other branches and one of his pieces of advice was to give people nicknames that reminded you of them in order to remember who they are.

Unfortunately, the episode isn't on Hulu, but there's some of the clip here. He also calls one of them Sugarboobs and Black Woman, lmao. I hope you don't do it his way D:

TwilightStef said...

Your confession list sounds scarily similar to my own! A few minor changes but fairly accurate! I love your Twiblog too. I suscribe. I do a twiblog too but mine hasn't been updated in about 5 days! Been traveling and no time for blogging. if you want to check it out.

Unknown said...

Ok... some of these are me!!!!

I know I have favorite students too and honestly, I don't think any teacher can honestly tell you they don't. I'm sure it shows at times but as long as you're fair, I don't think it matters. That's how I rationalize it at least.

Also, I have been thinking about that last one a lot lately. I wish I could just pick up and go somewhere else and start fresh. I feel like there's too much here in Miami... a lot of bad too. But like I always say, all in it's due time.

I think I may steal this idea from you =) I like it a lot!

Angela Lynn said...

I love you even more. True story.

miss_kay said...

I enjoyed your confessions, first time around your blog, and I've found it enjoyable.

We share some of the same things:

*Biological clock
*Taking a shower with hot water as hot as my body can take it

Nice to see I'm no the only one with these thoughts.