Lolca -- Erm, make that Lolbunny of the Week

Yes, I am fully aware that the above is a rabbit, not a cat. But darn it, it is funny. And it made me laugh. So I posted it. I'm sure the cats of the world don't mind.

I've always wanted a rabbit. I had a brief experience owning one, very brief, when my boyfriend and I found one wandering outside my house once. It was just hopping out on the street, minding its own business. So I took it in and fed it some lettuce and named it Regina (under the mistaken impression it was a girl).

The next day, I got a knock on my door. It was my neighbor asking if we'd seen his daughter's rabbit. Away went Regina. Sad went Ana.

The End.

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3 comment(s):

Angela Lynn said...

Oh no! "Sad went Ana." Are you better now after the loss of Regina?

The video for sure made me smile this morning. THANK YOU!

Marc said...

That bunny is high on the good stuff. I want some.

Nancy Face said...

What the crazy bunny thing? HAHA! :D

Lauren always wanted a bunny...