Lolcat of the Week

Credit for this week's Lolcat goes to Tasha, who sent him my way:

Pretty funny, huh? I cracked up at the rest of the vampire Lolcats they had. Check 'em out here. If you should ever come across a Lolcat that makes you, well, LOL, please do send him my way.

Have a great week! :D

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2 comment(s):

ElshaHawk said...

I like the last one on the page as well as the two that look like bats, one is asleep upside down :)

My kids like cats, and i do too, but hubby is allergic, and so are my parents. So no cats unless they are half wild and live outside..

Angela Lynn said...

I love this lolcat. I adore Tasha and Ana! The End.