I've written 400 posts?! This calls for a contest!

This is my 401st post. Which is insane. How the heck have I written on 400 topics? What the heck could I possibly have to say that would amount to so much verbiage?! Like I said, insane.

This much insanity clearly calls for a contest. The contest is this: I will post 10 questions below all about moi. The answers can be found in this blog's archive. Have fun swimming through my old posts. ;)

If you've been my follower for some time, you will probably know the answers no problem. All of the answers can be found on this blog.

The first bloggy responder to post the correct answers in a comment will win a prize. More details about the prize will be forthcoming.

You have until next Sunday, July 19th 11 PM EST to enter. Good luck!

**All About Ana**

1. Name the creature that strikes the most fear in my heart of hearts.

2. What book is the focus of my master's thesis?

3. What is my favorite candy?

4. On which body part have I had an X-ray (my only one)?

5. Name my all-time favorite poet.

6. What is my favorite book?

7. What did I give the boyf for Valentine's Day this year?

8. Where did I go during Spring Break in 2008?

9. What is my all-time favorite film?

10. What is my nationality?

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13 comment(s):

Kavi said...

Congratulations ! Thats a lot of posts !!


Heather said...

Ana, these are great questions!!! I'm totally looking forward to finding out the answers!

Hannahkin said...

okay, two-hundredth time's a charm. i'm on my mom's Mac instead of my laptop, because it officially has disowned me. *sigh* so this is my final shot, although i'm sure there're already some people who've got them all right! :)

1 - this is for defs The Spider. for DEFS.
2 - one of the only ones i couldn't find! :( i'm going to guess The Time Traveler's Wife.
3 - my first guess was Twizzlers, but i discovered on your "45 Things About Me" post that you love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups! :) so i'll go with the Reese's.
4 - your leg! i was so happy when i hunted this one down :) but not happy that you had to have an x-ray :( was that the same time a glass door fell on your leg? guitar-shaped scars = awesome :)
5 - e. e. cummings. love him!
6 - uhm. The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
7 - a mixtape! well, a mixCD. hey, did i tell you how genius i thort that idea was? when my boy Shaw moved to Australia a couple months ago, he gave a bunch of us CDs with all of his favey fave music on them. i heart it so much :)
8 - YESSS! i know this one ;) Tokyo, Japan!
9 - hmmm. this is the other one i couldn't find :P but i'll go with The English Patient, since your fave quote came from it.
10 - you're American :) USA! *with Cuban parents. hah.*

it was so fun reading all your previous posts! *loves*

Unknown said...

@Hanny: You are SO close!!! Two of your answers are incorrect.

Anonymous said...

Here are my answers copied & pasted from Word! I made a vow not to even peek at anyone else's comments/answers, however tempting it seemed.

1. Spider. Duh.
2. Absolutely no idea. I searched your blog so long for that.
3. Twizzlers all the way! Even though I cannot identify, haha.
4. Your leg!
5. E.E. Cummings. Had to go digging for that one.
6. ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’. I think. I’m pretty sure.
7. Mixed tape. I did that for my boyfriend last year :)
8. Tokyo! Guh, I really wanna go to Japan.
9. Debated between Pride & Prejudice, The English Patient and Twilight… I don’t think it’s Twilight, and Pride & Prejudice isn’t under your fave books, so I’m gonna go with The English Patient… I hope I have it right!
10. American. I know that fersuure :D

I spent ages looking for some of those answers, haha. But it was uber fun digging up your old blog posts! :DD

Unknown said...

@Robyn, like Hanny, you are also REALLY close. Only 3 wrong.

Hannahkin said...

*big intake of breath* here we go! i'm hoping my #2 is correct.

#2 - i have discovered it! the book which is the focus of your master's thesis is....*drumroll please* The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje!!! :)

#9, i have discovered, is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. YAY! i saw half of this movie and LOVED it. it was playing on TV. but it happened to be on a night that i was really tired. and i fell asleep (oh the shame! *hangs head*)

YAY!!! i am so excited, Ana love... you have no idea! :D

Abel said...

1: Spider
2: The English Patient
3: Reeses
4: Leg
5: e. e. cummings.
6: The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.
7: Good ole fashioned mixtape.
8: Nippon!
9 - The Notebook
10 - American of Cuban descent.

*crosses fingers*

Unknown said...

@Abel: You ot them all right except for one. And the one you got wrong is such a doozy, I'm literally laughing out loud. See if you can't figure it out...

Unknown said...

@Hanny: Welp, I guess you'll find out if you're right real soon!

Abel said...

For the record, I'll just correct meself and state that I now know Number 9 is Eternal Sunshine D:

Rachel (Betancourt) said...

this took forever lol

1. Spiders
2. The English Patient (i hope D:)
3. I couldn't decided between reeses or twizzlers. but because i don't think anyone can love twizzlers (blegh) more than reeses I shall go with reeses.
4. Your leg
5. e. e. cummings (i totally knew this one! :D )
6. I can't be sure but I'm gonna with the Time Traveler's Wife
7. A mixtape/CD! <3
8. Tokyo!
9. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind (it's one of my favorites!)
10. Americano! with cuban parents :] like me and about half of Hialeah


Unknown said...

@Rachel: Hm, we shall see if you are right!