Bring on the short sleeves and the sunshine!

The weather has been unseasonably cool in Miami lately. Now I know 50 degrees Fahrenheit for some of you may sound like a day at the beach (literally), but for tropical babies like me who have never even seen snow, this is cold. And I'm sick of it, Miami. Spring arrives in less than a week and it still feels like Winter down here! I'm sick of sweaters -- bring on the short sleeves and the sunshine.

I came home today to find three books waiting for me in the mail --  I love getting stuff in the mail! I ordered The Virgin Suicides, Alice Have I Been, and Big Breasts, Wide Hips. All three books are for three separate book clubs I belong to: Student Book Club, Faculty Book Club, and an online book club I recently joined, the Slow Readers Book Club (is that an awesome name or what?).  I foresee a lot of reading in my future...

Well, I'm off to shower and wash my hair. My friends always tell me I have pretty, shiny hair, but the truth is I wish it was just a little bit dryer, because all that shine = grease, and grease = me having to wash it every other day. No fun! Do you guys have any tips for making my hair stay fresher longer in between shampoos?

Hope you're having a happy Tuesday! :-)

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Jenny☮ said...

Why do all good things arrive at HHS after I leave? A book club?! *sigh* I would've been numero uno on that list. :) I think we are like "hair-sisters". I have no choice but to wash it every other day, which means I have to wake up an hour early in order to wash, rinse, and repeat + drying (and sometimes having to iron). If you find a solution... let me know... ASAP!


Rachel B, said...

I've heard that dying your hair usually dries it out just a bit, but you've already done that :/. Maybe you can try what my friend does: shampoo, condition, and shampoo again (without conditioning a second time).

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I have heard that your hair will adjust to you washing less.
I have to wash every other day but on day 2 I use dry shampoo by Big Sexy Hair. Gets rid of the oils and adds the volume back to flat I sound like a commercial! Seriously though, it works!

Unknown said...

@Jenny: I started the Book Club the year after you graduated, I think. Feel free to join the Slow Readers Book Club, though! I've got the button over in my sidebar.

@Rachel: I am so trying that shampoo-condition-shampoo thing! I'll let you know if it works. :)

@Kimberly: Ooh, I have yet to try that dry shampoo... I'll give it a go, thanks!