These are some of my pet peeves.

I was working on a favorites post for tomorrow when I got to thinking about my pet peeves, things I really dislike. In case you didn't know, I am a passionate lover of lists, so I decided to list some of my biggest pet peeves of the moment pour vous...

  1. confrontation. Ick, I hate confrontation. Just the thought of one makes me break out in hives. I'm a lover, not a fighter! But seriously, I would rather solve problems amicably, without any animosity. My horoscope sign is Libra, and I think it fits me to a tee -- I'm all about keeping things calm, balanced.
  2. shaving my legs. Okay, lest you think I am some grody pig, I do shave my legs. I just hate doing it. I joke with my boyfriend that my legs start at my armpits, they are so fricking long, so shaving my legs is quite the chore. Plus I'm forever cutting myself, which is no fun.
  3. catty girls. I was unfortunate enough to befriend some catty, catty girls in high school. They made my life a living hell all through high school and into college. I cringe every time I get catty girls in my classroom today. I think they give women a bad name -- women have it rough enough as it is, why must we make life a living hell for each other? This is something I'll never understand.
  4. word problems. Why the hell should I care about finding the answer to word problems? Who cares at what speed the train was going or what Ginger's approximate velocity is?!You were wrong, math teachers. I do not need this skill in real life. And I am so glad I never have to do a word problem again.
  5. reggaeton. I know many of you may not know what reggaeton is. Count your blessings! It's a style of music that is basically all the rage where I live in Hialeah, a city near Miami, FL. I dislike it because it's vulgar and it degrades women. Plus I just hate the repetitive dun-dun-dun beat that drums against my ears. Yuck.
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What are your pet peeves, bloggy friends? Let me know in the comments!

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Anonymous said...

Okey dokey, here goes:

People who say, 'I'm not racist, but...' because you know the next thing that's going to come out of their mouth is a racist comment.

People who talk about 'kids today' as if they were never one themselves and didn't do exactly the same things (or worse).

When someone mumbles and you say 'Sorry?' and they say, 'Nothing.' Drives me mad!

When my cat starts making that chugging noise signalling that she's about to be sick, we never get to her in time to change her trajectory to avoid the rug, or the sofa, or my daughter's schoolbag (insert item which is difficult to sponge clean.

When you've been driving around the carpark for 15 minutes, and have driven forward in order to reverse into a just vacated space, and the guy behind you, who has JUST arrived, steals it by driving into it forwards.

People who never say thank you if you hold the door open for them, especially when they are the third person in succession to take advantage of your door-holding.

I'm sure there are many more, but those will do to be going on with.

Unknown said...

@Trish: Ooh, those are some pet peeves I have, too -- especially the racist one and the mumbling one. My boyfriend's forever doing that, mumbling incoherent things under his breath and then saying "Nothing" all nonchalantly when I ask. Drives me bonkers!

mel said...

I agree with Trish! Very god list. I too, share the same list. Ankle shaving is the worst

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

hate shaving ugh!! hate it when someone doesnt fill up the ice tray lol

Anonymous said...

confrontation is gross. hate it too. i prefer to get my legs waxed by professionals who like to pamper me with bottled water and magazines, hahah. would do that more often if it wasn't so expensive. and word problems are stupid. especially when they give you irrelevant information on what they did the day before with their best friend Lisa. grr.

awesome list :D

Unknown said...

@Robyn: I have actually never waxed my legs. I'm kinda scared to!

Vanessa said...

I HATE shaving my legs. It takes so long and I cut myself often. I hate catty girls and avoid them at all costs. & I hate word problems.

I have a lot of pet peeves. I started writing a post for my blog that I haven't finished yet. It might be a multi post. Haha.

tasha said...

I loved this post! right off the bat:

Peruvian flute bands. I would like to shop at the mall without being lulled to sleep with forest fairy music.

Folding clothes. I LOATHE it. I'd rather mop, dust, scrub toliets all day, than fold a basket of clothes. And I'm not sure why.

Ya can get expensive, but have you ever considered waxing? Or those hair removal creams? I wax. And for seems less and less painful each time. But I love going weeks without shaving or waxing.

Catty girls and confrontations are fine by me. I usually ignore it. But word problems?! Ugh. Sooooooo glad I'm out of school. Math was my worst subject.

Unknown said...

@Vanessa: Can't wait to read it/them! :)

@Tasha: Oh em gee, Tasha is on my blog!!!! I miss you, girl! And I'm with you on the flute bands, lol. They lull me to sleep, too. As for the hair removal creams, hmm, I think I might try that out... It's got to be better than waxing, which is akin to Chinese torture for me!