These things are making me incredibly happy right now...

The fact that Spring Break is less than a week away.

The new album by She & Him, Volume Two. It's amazing!

The warm weather that is slowly but surely making a comeback to South Florida.

Fresh croissants with my morning coffee -- they're an extravagance neither my hips nor my wallet can afford every day, but that doesn't make me enjoy them any less. (:

Good hair days. They never fail to add a spring to my step, no matter what.

Having a sturdy roof over my head and a warm bed in which to sleep every night.

Snuggling with my darling kitty cat, Tigger.

This is my cat, Tigger, whom I lurve.

What's making you happy today?

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Anonymous said...

i have have have to buy the new album. tomorrow i leave to go sailing in Australia, so yes, i too love spring break. and your kitty is so adorable! :)