Update and Lolcat of the Week

Wow, I haven't blogged since Thursday of last week! Craziness. What I've been doing in the interim:
  • Grading essays. (Fun, fun.)
  • Buying another Zhu Zhu pet. (Fun, fun -- no, seriously!)
  • Enjoying some happy hour goodness with a good friend on Friday after some much needed retail therapy.
  • Making Ricky watch "Lost in Austen," then being thrilled to discover he likes it as much as I do.
  • Reading the second book in The Hunger Games series, Catching Fire
  • Reading more Patricia Veryan, this time her Golden Chronicles series, which delves into the history of the Jacobites.
  • Watching my friend Jeannette kick butt in a community theater production of the musical "Carousel."
  • Celebrating Ricky's parents' wedding anniversary.
  • Waiting anxiously for my cousin's baby girl to be born, which happened this afternoon at 2 PM. (Welcome aboard, Alejandra Sofia! :D)
This week and the next promise to be just as busy -- we have the last FCAT exam tomorrow (a state exam for public school students), on Wednesday I'll be celebrating St. Patty's with le boyf and some friends, on Saturday I'm going to see "Wicked" with Ricky and two friends, and then I'll be grading, grading, grading, in the hopes I'll get everything done well before the end of this term, March 26th.

I'll still find time to blog and read your darling blogs when I can, never fear. And here's this week's Lolcat, a little late, but no less funny. I hope your Monday's been going well! Give me your update in the comments -- let me know what you've been up to. :-)

ETA: I caved in and got a formspring account some time ago, and you know? It's completely and utterly addicting. I've gotten some great questions thus far -- feel free to add yours to the mix! :)

3 comment(s):

Kim @citygirlinak said...

i love you, and that LOLcat is freaking hilarious!

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

yay for retail therapy!

glad you had a good weekend!


Brittany said...

Sounds like you've been productive :)) We had FCATs all last week (my 1st time -- so glad it's over with) & thanks for the comment <3