Brown Paper Packages.

You know I'm all about the favorites on this blog, so when I heard about this exchange, I may have had a kitten or five thousand. Here are the deets:

Cole, the writer of my new favorite blog, Adventures in Love and Happiness, came up with the fabulous idea of pairing up different bloggers to exchange 3 of their very favorite things. Here's some more info about this exchange from Cole herself:

The Brown Paper Packages gift exchange is all about sharing your favorite things. A book, a recipe, a necklace, a shirt, any of your favorites that you'd like to share.
Participating in the Brown Paper Packages gift exchange is as easy as 1-2-3
1. Email me your address at before April 1.
2. Pick 3 of your favorite things that you'd like to share with your package recipient.
3. Ship your favorites to your exchange partner by April 23.

To learn more about it, visit Cole's blog and don't forget to pick up a button for your blog to help spread the word!

Now I just have to decide on 3 of my favorite things...

2 comment(s):

Micaela said...

i joined! :) how fun right?

ooh maybe we'll get each other? xo

whoever gets you will be lucky, you have such great taste in books/film/bags.


Unknown said...

That would be awesome! You have great taste yourself, lady. :)