10 Confessions [the love & marriage & baby carriage version]

In high school I used to fall in love with boys I knew would never love me -- or like me very much, for that matter -- back. As a result I didn't have a boyfriend until the summer before I began college. I think it was my fear of commitment more than anything else that drove me to do this.

I have a thing for younger guys -- all my boyfriends have been younger than me, including my current boyf, Ricky. He's six months younger, so I guess that doesn't make me that much of a cougar ... right?

The boyf and I have a tradition when it comes to dates -- he pays one time, then I'll pay the next. (Though mind you, he insists on paying when it's a fancy restaurant or a special occasion or something.) I think it's important to be fair in all things when it comes to relationships, including finances.

 If my prospective husband wants to impress me (you taking notes, boyf?), the proposal shouldn't be too stagey-stagey -- no ring inside of a champagne glass, or God forbid, a Frosty. (I don't make these things up.) Something more natural would go a longer way to making me swoon.

As much as I am all for mixed marriages -- mixed races, mixed beliefs, what-have-you -- I can't see myself marrying someone who doesn't share my background, my culture, and my language. Who knows, though -- if Ricky had been from Timbuktu, I probably would have still fallen in love with him!

Even though I confess my faith hasn't been constant as a Catholic, I still want to get married in a church.

I don't want a fancy frou frou wedding. I'd be perfectly happy with a small reception. Of course, being Latina means I have a family of 100+ people, which means my wedding reception will be huge no matter what. (Sigh.)

As for the honeymoon, I don't see anything wrong with the traditional: relaxing on a deserted tropical island somewhere sounds perfectly fine to me.

When I was a wee little girl, I used to dream that I'd be married by 21, and on my way to having the first of four kids (!) by 25. Now that I'm 31 with 0 marriage, 0  kids later, I find that I'm perfectly fine thankyouverymuch.

With that being said, of course I want to get married and have kids. Someday. Although I'd be much happier with the 2.5 kids than the four. (Just saying.)


Do you have any confessions you feel brave enough to share?

*I will be placing the "confessions" feature on hiatus for now, until I come up with more themes -- not to mention confessions -- to share with you all. I hope you've enjoyed reading them! I've loved reading all the confessions you have shared with me in the comments.*


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Punk said...

I love your confessions!

Confessions of my own:

1 - As an adolescent, I swore I would never marry because I didn't want to be one of those women (much like actual friends of my mom's) who spent their lives waiting for a man to complete them.

2 - My mister and I were engaged after dating 4 months, married 4 months later and were pregnant (albeit unintentionally) by the 6th mo of marriage. All of this before college graduation.

3 - I started out saying 5 kids. After a c-section, three years of unsuccessful "trying" for #2, an attempted and failed VBAC resulting in a second C-section and one incredibly high-maintenance second child, I'm wholly satisfied with two children.

4 - I don't pine for a daughter. At all.

Unknown said...

@Punk: I love *your* confessions! I used to think I didn't pine for a son and only wanted daughters myself, but I think I'd be happy with one of each. You know, to get the whole set. ;-)

Claire Kiefer said...

First, before I forget, it is Javier Bardem in Eat, Pray, Love! The other one, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, played Denny Duquette on Grey's Anatomy and the dead husband on Weeds, among other things. But don't they look so much alike?

When I was growing up, I definitely thought I'd be married earlier (I'm from the south; that's what everyone does, haha!), but now I'm almost 29 and no husband, kids, etc. . . I think this has been a better path, though I'd really like to get married and have babies in the nearish future. I guess that's my confession. ;)

Jenny☮ said...

You have inspired me!
Now I must post! :)

Emma Jade said...

Such a great post!
I always said I wanted to be married and having my first kid by 25.. as I get closer to that age I realise how scary that is! eek!

Rissa said...

Your confessions are sweet, Annie :)
This set inspired me to do a post of my own!

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

my confessions to your confessions:

#1 in high school i also like the boys that wouldn't like me back. i had boyfriends, but most of them just wanted to be my friend since i had the body of a 12 year old, not big boobs like the other girls.

#2 chris had big plans for a proposal, but luckily he gave me some hints, and i told him that i did NOT want something public or fancy, i just wanted it to be private since i'm pretty shy.

#3 i didn't want a fancy wedding or reception either, but somehow the wedding planner and your family just tend to take things over even when you make it clear what you do and don't want!

#4 i never gave much thought to when i'd get married or how it would be, but i knew that i would at least be pregnant by the time i was 25. now i'm 28 and as far as i'm concerned, i'd be happy going another 5 years without having to worry about babies! people give me a really hard time, and can even be mean about it sometimes, because i don't have a child yet. i think it's nearly impossible for people to wrap teir head around the fact that not all women are going crazy to have babies. i just feel like i have more to do than make babies.

Vanessa said...

Aww I love these confession posts.

I use to always date guys older than me. Hoping to find more maturity I suppose? Couldn't find it. Dated a guy 2 years younger, just as bad. Found Vito who is about months younger and he is mature beyond his years. He's my other half to my old soul.