You are fast asleep in my arms. [poem]

I had to give up writing poetry this summer while I was writing and researching for my thesis. On Sunday, I began writing creatively again. And it felt so good. Here is a poem I wrote inspired by the long nap the boyf took in my arms Saturday night.

You are fast asleep in my arms

You are fast asleep in my arms
And I am pinned under your weight
And there is an itch on my nose I can’t reach
But I don’t mind

As I lie there I contemplate
The perfect whorl of your ear
The freckles like constellations
Scattered across your shoulders

Later when you awaken you will regather yourself
And smile sheepishly as you don the armor
(Both physical and mental)
Of your clothes

But for now you are fast asleep in my arms
No longer anonymous
No longer unreachable
But known.


Do you write creatively, too? What inspires you?


5 comment(s):

Claire Kiefer said...

So sweet! The only thing that keeps me writing regularly is my Wednesday night girls' poetry workshop/dinner extravaganza. The three of us went to grad school together (we call it Poetry School, haha) and find it hard to stay motivated without impending deadlines . . . so we take turns coming up with assignments and voila! FUN.

nsiyer said...

Amazing and really romantic like you believe yourself to be.

I will come more often and be your follower.

chelsea rebecca said...

i love this.
and that picture is too sweet for words.

Vanessa said...

You write beautifully.

Micaela said...

this is just beautiful!!!

and that picture is perfect to go with it.

i miss writing creatively... my problem is, i seem to write better when i'm sad. isn't that weird?

what inspires me: movies... lyrics... they hold so much weight and then reading writing like yours.