20 things about me.

I read a most entertaining "About Me" post over on Jenny's darling blog yesterday, and decided to do my own version of it. So here are 20 random things about me you may not have known. They are in random order, just stream of consciousness...
  1. My hair is not straight, despite the fact that people always seem to think so and are surprised when I tell them it's "artificially straight" -- as in, I'm a slave to my blowdryer/straightening iron. It's not curly, either, but somewhere in between. Wavy, I guess.
  2. I am a seriously fast reader. When I have the time, I can read a book a day. 
  3. I am addicted to Starbucks. My boyfriend knows this and has learned to accept this.
  4. Until very recently, I used to be a chronic nail biter/tear-er. Biweekly manicures have cured me of this. (There's something about seeing your nails nicely done -- it makes you not want to mess them up. I recommend this to anyone who has the same problem I did!)
  5. My two least favorite pizza toppings IN THE WORLD are mushrooms and black olives. Of course, these just happen to be my boyf's favorite toppings. Of course.
  6. Come to think of it, I don't like mushrooms or olives on anything.
  7. Even though I live in such an international place, Miami, FL, I have been to more foreign countries (Spain, France, Panama, Japan) than to other states in my own country (California).
  8. I would like more than anything in the world to take a cross-country road trip. One of my friends and I are currently planning this for next year. I hope it happens.
  9. I have been teaching English for seven years -- three years in a K-8 school, and the last four at a high school. I hope to teach at the college level in the future.
  10. I met "the boyf" in high school -- he was in the grade above mine -- but we didn't really notice each other until college.
  11. The boyf and I were both English majors in college, which played a big role in our getting together. :)
  12. The smell of fish makes me gag.
  13. I love buying soundtracks and scores to movies. My current favorite is Hans Zimmer's score for Inception.
  14. I think I do my best writing at night.
  15. I'm a sweater. No, not the clothing garment, you silly, I mean I sweat easily. And it sucks. Thank God for deodorant!
  16. Ewan McGregor makes me swoon in any film he does. Yes, even Trainspotting, where he's all drugged-out looking. Yes, even the updated Star Wars movies, where he has a ponytail and a beard, alternately. Though my favorite film of his is Moulin Rouge!, because it proved he can both sing AND act divinely. That boy can do no wrong in my book.
  17. I think I have dyscalculia, which is like dysleixa, only with numbers. I mix numbers up all the time and simple math computations make my head spin.
  18. My parents are both Cuban, but farther back, it's a bit mixed -- my great grandfather on my father's side was French, and my great grandfather on my mother's side was from the Canary Islands, close to Morocco. People can never place me -- they always think I'm Asian!
  19.  I have a thing for makeup and handbags -- I can never get enough of either.
  20. I've never seen snow.
Yes, that is me.
    Tell me a random fact about yourself in the comments! :)


    6 comment(s):

    Claire Kiefer said...

    Such a pretty picture of you! I'm with you on the mushrooms . . . though my hatred for them is pretty passionate. :) Not so much into olives either.

    I was an English major, too (go figure), and then went on to get an MFA in Creative Writing, which was a really fun but entirely impractical degree, haha!

    happy weekend :)

    danielle and dinosaur toes said...

    you're so pretty, and although i don't think you look asian, i don't think you look all that cuban, either.

    i must confess, i could eat mushrooms on pretty much everything besides cereal! i love them, but chris hates them.

    as far as the snow goes, we don't get all that much here that sticks (last february really was a fluke), but we do at least see it falling, even if it does melt once it touches the ground. so, it's settled, you're coming to vacation at my house this winter!

    i'm also a super fast reader. it's been killing me all day to not read breaking dawn. i'm having to limit myself because i want it to last! i'm not sure what i'll decide to read once i finish that, but i've ALWAYS got to have a book!

    chelsea rebecca said...

    aw this is so wonderful!
    and you are gorg!!!
    i totally do my best writing at night too!

    Unknown said...

    Thanks, guys! *blushes*

    Vanessa said...

    Well hello beautiful!

    I'm completely taken back that you haven't been to many places in the US. I hope your road trip works out for next year! I'd love to do that if I could handle sitting in a car for that long. Which I can't. Haha.

    & count yourself blessed to never see snow. I hate snow with a fiery passion! I hope to someday live somewhere that doesn't get snow.

    Micaela said...

    YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! seriously gorgeous!!! my exact idea of pretty.

    i love learning random facts about people.

    randoms about me: i reaad the last line in every book i start. i'm such an insomniac but refuse to NOT drink coffee every hour of the day. my guilty pleasure (and werid one) is watching forensic files. i hardly wear matching socks but i'm hardly in them. i can't swim.

    seriously, you are beautiful!