These are a few of my (current) favorite things...

I didn't get to write a favorites post for June, as I was busy with my thesis, so you can consider this list my favorite things for June/July. :-)

I have been addicted to the iPhone game Farm Frenzy 2 since the minute I first played it. It's the silliest game in the world, I swear -- the only purpose of the game is to farm: collect eggs, milk, ham, etc., and make sure to keep growing/watering the grass, otherwise your faithful flock of farm animals will die. And when they die, it's pathetically sad. Like I'm upset-sad. (Told you it was the silliest game in the world!) It's not unlike some other games I like on the Nintendo DS, Harvest Moon, but the fact that I can play it on my iPhone makes it a double win. If you are looking for a game that will help you kill time while you're waiting in line at the bank or grocery store, or if you harbor the secret desire to be a farmer, this is the game for you. You can actually try it out for free here.

I first heard about Argan Oil thanks to Lauren from the little things we do. I was curious to try it because she said it helped make her hair "pretty and shiny and a bit less curly and more wavy." All pluses in my book! If you don't know what Argan Oil is, it's like the Moroccan Oil that's all the rage now, only much, much cheaper. In fact, I bought it at Sally Beauty Supply for under nine dollars. And although the bottle was smaller than expected when I first spied in the store, I could tell after the first use that this is the type of product that will last me a long time, because a little really does go a long way. As Lauren said, it made my hair pretty and shiny and ultimately more manageable. The humidity in Miami this time of year can wreak havoc on my hair, but thanks to this little oil, I don't have to look like a hot mess. And here's a bonus about this product -- it makes your hair smell divine, like a cross between musk and incense. Love.

I first read Hush, Hush some months back on the recommendation of some of my bloggy friends from Bewitched Bookworms. It was during a week in which I was bedridden with the stomach flu from hell. I was miserable and in need of a good distraction, so I picked up this book and did not put it down for hours. I read it in one sitting and it was so good, it actually distracted me from my discomfort. Rereading it now has made me remember how much I love this book. It has something akin to the addictive quality of Twilight (which I read in one night), and although the male lead Patch is no Edward Cullen, he's still a provocative and alluring character in his own right. All I will say about the book is that it makes you question your belief of the hereafter, and whether such a thing as angels -- good and bad -- could actually exist. It's got love, horror, comedy, everything you basically want from a good book. And best of all, one of my favorite blogs, Super Secret Twilight Blog, is hosting a book discussion on hush, hush in a couple weeks, so make sure you pick it up in time to begin reading (or re-reading!) with us.


Eclipse was my favorite book in the Twilight series, so I had very high expectations going into the theater to see the film. To my surprise (and utter joy), it exceeded my expectations. It developed the characters appropriately, included all of my favorite scenes from the novel, and it was truly the best film in the series. Sure, I was sad that the previous actress for Victoria, Rachelle Lefevre was replaced, but her replacement, Bryce Dallas Howard, did such a great job as Victoria that it made the transition very smooth. And all of the core actors -- Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner especially -- have really improved as actors, because they gave their best performances of the series in this film. My only complaint is I wish the screenplay wasn't so faithful to the book. Some lines that really resonated with me as a reader on the page wound up sounding clunky and awkward on the screen. Otherwise, it was a fun, romantic, and exciting film, one that even the boyf somewhat enjoyed (which is saying something!).

I think summer was made for bright nails, especially in Miami. My tropical city gets even more tropical during the balmy months. The temperature gets higher, the hemlines get shorter, and everyone seems to smile more. Bright colors are to my nails what double chocolate frappes are to my tummy -- a much needed pick-me-up when the sticky humidity has me feeling like collapsing indoors and doing absolutely nothing. I always seem to move quicker and move my hands more when I have bright polish on. It's like it reinvigorates me. The past few times I've gone to the salon, I've gone with bright pinks and reds (see here and here). This week, I went with a more sedate pink just to vary it up, but I'm flirting with the idea of doing a baby blue or lilac next time.

(All pictures in this post were found on we heart it.)

What are your favorites this month?

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{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Well I dont play that game, but I play farmville on facebook and its addicting enough!

I love eclipse sooo much and yes, sumer is for bright nails@

Angela Lynn said...

YAY!! What a fantastic favorites list. I for sure need to put one together now. *hugs*
And thank you so much for mentioning the discussion. It's going to be so much fun. =)

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i definitely need to try some of that oil in my hair. having so much hair, and the fact that it's thick and wavy, means that i need lots of help!

i also love bright nails, and tonight i'm painting my toenails orange.

i still have to see eclipse, but i can say that i thoroughly enjoyed the book!

i'm currently loving fresh squash, iced tea with lots of lemon and as always, swimming!

Anonymous said...

i still haven't watched 'Eclipse'! first thing after some girlfriends get back from their various holiday destinations, hahah (:

and bright nails - perfect for the summah! :D

Claire Kiefer said...

totally with you on the bright nails, and totally obsessed with silly iphone games (Words with Friends--do you play??, Doodle Jump, and Angry Birds). ha!

Unknown said...

@Claire: I do play Words with Friends! My username is AnnieCristina. :-)