Yesterday I did some much needed e-cleaning: I deleted my two MySpace accounts which I never used (one personal, one for students), and I purged both my main Facebook and my Twitter accounts of followers who were either: a.) former students; b.) classmates from way-back-when I never wanted to add in the first place; and c.) random people /companies/possible spambots I don't even know. I also created a separate Facebook for my students, that way they won't feel compelled to request me on my personal account. Finally, I upped the privacy settings on both Facebook and Twitter.

I feel so much better after doing this.

It's just there has to be a limit as to how personal I want to get on the Internet. I know my owning a blog kind of goes against this, but at least with a blog I can control what I want to share. Before, I didn't feel I had that same control with Facebook and Twitter. I do now.


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{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Wahooo for downsizing and cleaning!

Claire Kiefer said...

I know what you mean. I'm pretty much an open book in general . . . except when it comes to my students, haha! I reject all their friend requests, though I tell them I'll be their facebook friend when they graduate. I'm starting to learn, though, that I don't even like being friends with former students! Their posts about drinking and weed, and their "sexy" self-taken pics in bathroom mirrors only irritate the bejeezus out of me!